Vajpayee selected Kalam, Modi selected Kovind; But seculars found a Muslim and a Dalit in them

When Atal Bihari Vajapeyee had nominated APJ Abdul Kalam for the presidential elections, ‘so called seculars’ instead of praising his contributions to the nation, they saw his religion. These blamed BJP and said that BJP is trying for minority appeasement. They went one step ahead and said “Kalam is the poster boy” of BJP. The same trend continued even this time when BJP nominated Ram Nath Kovind as its Presidential candidate. Ram Nath Kovind is the present Governor of Bihar. He was an IAS officer who represented India in International forums; he was a lawyer in High Court and the Supreme Court. Even in him, instead of finding an intellect, they found a Dalit.

If Ram Nath Kovind wasn’t nominated, then anyone else would have been nominated by the BJP. Even any other candidate will have a cast. In India, every individual will have a religion and a caste. So why are these stressing on it? If Advani or Sushma were nominated then seculars would have said that “BJP prefers only upper caste and not the Dalits, BJP is a party of Brahmans and not the lower caste. These RSS men won’t like to see a Dalit as a President, RSS treats Dalits as untouchables”. But in reality, if a Muslim was nominated then they will find something to blame on him too.

I don’t say that political calculations shouldn’t be made while nominating a candidate for President’s post. Meanwhile I won’t deny saying that there is no political calculations made by Modi-Shah and the RSS. But more than political calculations, Modi has rolled a religious dice. A dice to unite Hindus. Yes, from decades the Congress, Communists and pseudo-seculars were successful in registering in the minds of the people that BJP is a party of Brahmins. But today those who were working with the view to separate Dalits from Hinduism suffered a major blow. Dalits will take pride in saying that, President of India, is a Dalit and eventually they will favour BJP.

Abdul Kalam was a Muslim but many Muslims didn’t accept him as a Muslim because Kalam read Bhagwad Gita, played Veena and ate veg. Even it is the same when it comes to Ram Nath Kovind because few academic Dalits has linked him with the BJP. So according to their logic he is not a Dalit. But I am sure that every Indian will accept Ram Nath Kovind their own.

We don’t know whether Ram Nath can be another Kalam, but I am sure that he will definitely be par with Pranab Mukherjee. Even another thing I can assure is that Ram Nath definitely won’t be another Pratibha Patil because once if we look at his track records we can be sure of this. Ram Nath Kovind has a clean background, he doesn’t even have a single corruption charges against him, unlike Pratibha Patil who used government’s fund to entertain her family’s needs. I don’t know whether politically this move will prove successful to Modi or not, but the opposition are deeply shocked by this.

Credits: Sunil Kumar

Vikrant Raj