Do our Ancient Vedas actually permit for the Consumption of Cow meat(Beef)? How far is this belief true or false? Here’s the verdict

It’s been a trend to oppose Hinduism and its beliefs in India by Communists. As a part of it, consumption of beef has taken place in Southern India. After the decision of beef ban in India, communists killed a number of cows in public and ate it in order to oppose the decision of the central government.

Also, I observed that people kept saying that Consumption of beef has also permitted in Vedas and it’s been a diet in Ancient India too. But, I could give all the accordance of Prohibition for beef in Vedic age and well as Aryans (who we call ancient Indians) who didn’t support killing Cow for its meat.

Yajurved 40.7 – “Yasmin sarvaani bhoothaani aathmaivaabhood vijaanathaha thathra ko mohaha kaha shokaha eakthawamanupashyathaha

– Who realises that every creature on this earth is born from the same soul and its a reflection of the soul itself never suffers because of the belief which experiences the universal acceptance. Who does believe in Eternity and Reincarnation never wills to kill animals for Yajnas or for food when they see God in those animals.

Yajurved 6.11 – “Pashoomsthraayethaam” – Save every animal

Yajurved 11.83 – “Oorjam no dhehi dwipade chathushpade

– Let every Dwipadis and Chathushpadis grows with strength. The people who studied Vedas recite these hymns to pray for happiness and joy for every soul.

Yajurveda 14.8 – “Dwipadava chathushapad paahi kravyaada pishaacha asuthrupa….”

– Save Dwipada (Animals of two legs) and Chathushpada (Animals of four legs) animals. Who eats meat, kills other animals for food, who eats womb or egg of other animals has always prohibited in Vedic age and from the society. They are the synonym of a phantom and demons.

Atharva 6.140.2 – “Breehimathham . . . Maashamatho thilam. Esham va bhaago. . . .pitharam maatharam cha.”

– Never torture or kill cows or bulls which stands up as Father and Mother for entire Mankind.

Atharva 10.1.29 – “Anagohathya vai bheema krathye, maa no gomashwam purusham vadheehi

– Killing unaffected is felony. Never kill Cow, Horse and Humans.

Atharva 8.6.23 – ‘Ya aamam maamsamadanthi . . . keshavastanitho naashayaamasi

– ‘Consumption of cooked or uncooked meat should be prohibited. It doesn’t matters, whether it is a meat of a male or female animal, but it must be prohibited.’

These are some accordance of Vedas which’s totally prohibited killing any animal and strictly opposed the consumption of meat. Vedas are not just writings, but it is a guide lamp for every human on this earth. Any Yajnas or any practices performed in Vedic age never victimized animals. All practices in Sanathan Dharm like Ashwamedha, Goumedha etc- the rituals which followed just to save the animals and as well as lives of mankind.

Manusmrithi which’s contributed for human kind from various Manus also prohibited killing animals.  As an accordance of Manusmrithi,

Manusmrithi 5.51 – “Anumantha vishasitha nihantha krayavikrayi samskartham chopahartha cha khadakashchethi ghatahkaha”

-which means that “Who permits to kill animals, who bring animals to kill, who kills animals, who buys meat, who sells meat, who cooks meat, who serves meat, who eats meat should be consider as Murderer and they should be punished.”

Dietary preferences in Aryans :

“The twice born Brahmin, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas must not eat such vegetables, fruits and roots as are raised in night soil and other kinds of nature” : Manu 5:5
“They should abstain from flesh diet and intoxicants” : Manu 2:177, such as wine, cannabis Indica etc-
“Let them never use those articles that are prejudicial o the growth of the intellect” – Sharangdhar 4 :21

Last drop:

Every practice from Vedic age has scientific meanings and was serving Hinduism as well as mankind in its own way. The people who believed in Vedas and Reincarnations never supported killing any animals in any situations. It is clearly stated in Vedas that human must not kill animals and must not consume any meat which is equal to deadly sin and how could we say that animals have been killed in Yajnas used to perform in Vedic age? Hindu worships Cow and Bulls believing that there are crores of Gods and Goddesses living in every part of them. Killing cow for its meat must be prohibited not only because it’s a sign of divinity, but for the survival of religious practices, cultures and the survival of mankind.


“How can you get fruits and flowers from a tree when its root is cut off?” – Vridha Chanakya 10:13

References: Vedic books, Manusmrithi, Light of truth by Maharshi Swamy Dayananda Saraswathi.

Sushmitha Saptharshi