Veer Savarkar! Is there a Truth in the Claim of Congress that Savarkar Pledged Loyalty With British?

Amidst abundant Muslim Appeasing politicians, his ‘Sab ka sath ,sab ka vikas’ sounded like a music to the ears of neglected Hindus.  He shook up the sleeping Hindus and rekindled the pride of Hindutva in them. No wonder Congressmen mudsling him with fake propaganda. No, not talking about PM Modi. It’s about Veer Savarkar..Vinayak Damodar Savarkar! In this patriotic week of Independence Day, let’s clear some myths created against this great son of Mother India by selfish and corrupt minds and get enlightened with correct facts.

Vilification of the Great Freedom Fighter, Veer Savarkar is a recent trend in Congress. Say, from last decade….since they started peddling a funny theory of ‘Saffron Terror by RSS’! Remember how they snatched Laskar-E-Toiba’s credit for 2008 Mumbai Bomb Blasts to confer it to RSS? They are just obeying Sonia Mata’s orders. The faithful slaves of Dynasty Crooks never question their High Command. It all started with the Emergence of the HinditvaVadi BJP Leader…yes, who else but Narendra Modi!

Sonia left no stone unturned to crush this budding threat to her Dynasty. Her Muslim Congie slaves in Gujarat started 2002 riots with burning a train full of Hindus in Godhra. Her Media slaves propagated it eternally ever after! But the then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi shut their mouths by getting a clean chit from the Supreme Court! The Gujarat Model was growing by leaps and bounds under his able leadership. Then Ishrat Jahan, the suicide bomber was hired to eliminate him. But even that mission failed! Since then the Italian Madam has ordered her ‘Secular’ slaves to badmouth Hindus, Hindutva and Hindu Leaders. Character Assassination of the great poet, Social activist and freedom fighter, Veer Savarkar has been the part of this dumb Conspiracy against Hindus!


Congie Dynasty slaves say that Veer Savarkar begged for the release from the Cellular Jail by pledging loyalty to the British rule. The most ridiculous part is that they have provided no proof for their hallucination till date. And M K Gandhi, who actually pledged his loyalty towards British throughout his life, is treated as the ‘Father of the Nation’ by these dimwit congies.

What Congies are using as the reference to prove their point is this communication-During First World War, Veer Savarkar wrote to Mr Montague, the then Secretary of State for India that

  1. Britain should set up colonial Self Government for India. Well, my dear Indians, this was the same request from Indian National Congress that Veer Savarkar repeated. Indian National Congress was demanding ‘the System of Government obtaining in Self-governing British Colonies’. It meant that Indians would form their own Colonial Government with Indian elected representatives under the nominal control of British Colony. It was a demand for Partial Independence by Indian National Congress. In this regard, in 1909, the UK Government produced the Indian Council Act known as ‘Morley-Minto Reforms’. But it brought about a very marginal increase in the involvement of Indians in the Governance of British India.

 After the much awaited decision of Indian Council Act turned out utterly disappointing, the revolts started all over India. At such times, in 1909, Veer Savarkar was arrested by British on the charges of conspiracy of an armed revolt against Morley-Minto Reforms and was sent to Cellular Jail of Andaman for 11 years.

  1. In return Indian revolutionaries would cease all hostilities and help Britain in war effort….If Congress is condemning for this statement of Savarkar as a ‘Loyalty towards British rule’, let’s ask Congie Slaves why the British conferred the award ‘Kaisar-e-Hind’ on M K Gandhi during First World War!!! Well, acting like a British puppet, Gandhi had helped British by recruiting Indians in their Army in 1916 to fight on behalf of British….liberal help with no strings attached…no demand for India! More than 5 Lakh Indians were martyred for enhancing British glory across seven seas. And hence the British awarded the title of “Kaiser-e-Hind’ to our ‘Non-violence Peddler for his great service towards them! And dumb Congies shoot through their mouths against Veer Savarkar at the orders of their uneducated Dynasty Madam!

 Contradictory History of Congress against Sonia’s vilification of Veer Savarkar:

Just in 2005, Congress Government in Centre and Congress Government in Andaman Nicobar Constituency named the Capital City Port Blair Air Port as ‘Veer Savarkar International Air Port’. Airport in the name of British stooge by Congress?????

Indira Gandhi has sung glories of Veer Savarkar , commissioned a Film Division to make a documentary on him, made a  private donation of Rs 11000 to his Memorial Fund in 1980, and issued a commemorative stamp in Veer Savarkar’s honor. Why such respect towards a coward who begged British for his release from Andaman Jail????

Jawaharlal Nehru has called Veer Sawarkar as a great Nationalist, referring to his contribution to freedom struggle in “Discovery of India”. M K Gaandhi had gone twice to meet the great leader Veer Savarkar in London where he was studying law and once at his Ratnagiri residence during his internment period. How could these tall leaders of Congress fail to notice the flaws of Veer Savarkar that Madam Sonia could see???

Well, I have wasted enough words for proving Sonia sponsored character assassination of such a great Freedom Fighter of India, Veer Savarkar. Power is truly poisonous!  Now let me proceed to the Major Contributions of Veer Savarkar.

  • At the age of 15, Savarkar organized a Youth Organization for spreding Nationalist ideas.
  • As a young college student, inspired by Lokmanya Tilak’s announcement to boycott British clothes, he set up a bon-fire to his foreign clothes and other things on the auspicious day of Dusshera in 1905.
  • In 1906, while studying Law in London, he established contacts with Revolutionary countries like Russia, China, Ireland and Turkey to seek their support in the freedom movement of India. Comrade Lenin was his good friend.
  • Due to his freedom movement activities in London, Savarkar was not called to the Bar by the Benchers of Grays Inn even after he passed his Law exams in 1909.
  • In 1909, he was arrested on charges of plotting an armed revolt against the Morley-Minto reform. He tried to escape by diving in the water but was arrested as he reached the shore.
  • In 1911, Savarkar was sentenced to two life sentences (25+25=50 years) in the horrendous Cellular Jail of Andaman.
  • From 1911 to 1923, he suffered in the nightmarish hell on earth called ‘Kala Pani’.The vicious punishment at Kala Pani was beyond human endurance level. Though other prisoners were let out to work on the Island after 3-4 years, Savarkar was made to suffer for 11 long years. He wasn’t aware that his own brother was occupying the next cell as there was no way to see other prisoners. A small bowl was given with worm-filled roti and boiled wild grass. Rain water with insects swimming in it was his drinking water. Another bowl was given for attending nature’s call. He had to spend the whole day with the stinking bowl inside the suffocating cell. He was given humanly impossible target of extracting oil from coconut, failing which; he was thrashed with the hunter, tied to the iron stand. His hands and legs were so hooked with the stand that the flinching from every blow caused immense pain.
  • In 1923, he was shifted to Yerawada Jail and was released in 1924 with the condition of Internment for next five years in Ratnagiri. He was barred from participating in Political activities for next five years and was not supposed to leave Ratnagiri.
  • Since 1924, he started writing on Indian Social Issues in his brother’s News paper and magazine. His words written nearly a century ago fit perfectly well with the present situation..“Oh Muslims, remember what happened recently in Mecca when Sindhi Muslims went on Haj pilgrimage! How much they were insulted and humiliated by Arab Muslims. Who will come to your rescue? Hindus. So, it is in your interest to stop your religious fanaticism.”
  • On 8th March, 1927, Gandhi came to visit Savarkar at Ratnagiri. He said,“ As Ratnagiri is the birth place of Lokamanya Tilak, it is also a place where Savarkar lives. I had previously met him in London. I admire his patriotism and sacrifices. As he is in internment, it was my duty to come to Ratnagiri to meet him.” (Ratnagiri Era pp129/130)
  • He used his internment period to abolish untouchability in Ratnagiri with 100% success within 2 years. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar compared his work to Lord Buddha in his News Paper, ‘Janta’. In 1933, he opened a Café for all Hindus where the food was served by low caste people. He opened temple doors to the low caste devotees. Gradually, lower class people who had distanced themselves from Hinduism and were falling for the lure of conversions, gained back their love for the religion they were born in. They vowed to Savarkar that they will never convert to Christianity. On 9th December, 1930, Times of India which was the life-long opponent of Veer Savarkar , reported this, “ Mr Gandhi, and many of his followers in the Congress Party believe in Chaturvarnya and castes based on birth. But the reformers in Ratnagiri believe that castes based on birth are harmful and have started ‘dining together’ of all Hindus including untouchables, and it is astonishing that Mr V D Sarvarkar is their source of inspiration.”
  • British banned eight works of Savarkar including his biography and the book ‘Indian war of Independence 1857’. Before that, British had called 1857 war as ‘Mutiny’. His book changed the entire outlook of Indians and hence was banned quickly. Swamy Vivekananda and Aurobindo appreciated the book.
  • In 1940, when Subhash Chandra Bose came to meet Savarkar, he advised Bose, “Why do you waste time in your movement to remove the monument to ‘ Blackhole of Calcutta ‘? A person like you should go out of India and form an army out of our prisoners of war and attack the British from outside the India. There are only two or three such men who can dare such an attempt. But I have particularly high hopes about you.” This inspired Bose to form the Indian National Army (INA) out of the prisoners of war held by Japanese.
  • In 1966, he felt that he could die now as the goal of his life was achieved. He declared his wish to attain Samadhi. So, on 1st February, he started the hunger strike and left Mother India on 26th February, 1966.

So, Next time you watch Congressmen in debates defaming Veer Savarkar, don’t recoil with shame. Share this write-up as much as possible to expose the agenda of Congress! That’s the service we can do to this passionate freedom fighter for the sufferings he suffered for our sake a Century back!

Jai Hind!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi