Venkaiah Naidu is the new Vice-President of India; Look who voted for Gopal Gandhi who wanted mercy for terrorist Yakoob Memon

The Presidential election was a contest between ideologies as said by Congress. Finally the ideology of PM Modi emerged victorious. Now the vice-presidential election was also based on ideologies. The Sonia Gandhi led UPA nominated Gopalkrishna Gandhi as a candidate who had signed the mercy petition of terrorists Yakoob Memon while PM Modi led NDA had opted Venkaiah Naidu who always upheld India.

As expect, Venkaiah Naidu emerged victorious and is the new vice-president of India. When India is back on track of development, India can’t have a person who have soft corner towards terrorists.

This election was a clash between terrorist supporter and a patriotic

The voting percentage was 98.21%  as 771 out of 785 votes were casted when polling was closed at 5 PM. Mr Naidu was confident from the beginning of his victory and it seemed like the Congress had lost the battle from the day of filing the nomination. Congress had tried to reap the benefits of the name “Gandhi” but Sonia Gandhi didn’t know that dynasty politics will not work henceforth in India.

The term of the incumbent Hamid Ansari, who has held the post for two consecutive terms, comes to an end on August 10.

There are 545 members in the Lok Sabha and the majority share is garnered by BJP as it has 281 members and the count surges up to 338 when NDA is taken into consideration. Even in the Rajya Sabha, BJP had an upper hand as it emerged as a single biggest party with 58 members while Congress had 57 members.

Who didn’t vote?

Two BJP leaders – Sanwarlal Jat and Vijay Goel – were hospitalised and could not vote. All together, fourteen MPs did not vote today. The party wise break up is as follows- 2 from BJP, 2 from INC, 2 from IUML, 4 from TMC, 1 from NCP, 1 from PMK & 2 Independents.

Mr Naidu was leading since the beginning of the counting and finally he secured 516 votes whereas Gopal Krishna Gandhi secured 244 votes.


One trend that is seen even in the vice-presidential election was that of cross voting. Yes, the Congress was hoping to get more that what it got today. But all thanks to cross voting as 19 votes from UPA kitty was grabbed by the Mr Naidu.

This is a clear sign that the opposition is sidelining the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and are attracted towards PM Modi. So the sensible politicians have supported a patriotic and not to a supporter of terrorist Yakoob Memon.

The vice-presidential election was conducted through a secret ballot where the members of Electoral College -consisting of Parliamentarians -vote. The MPs used special pens for marking their choice. Votes that were marked with any other pen were liable to be rejected.

Why Gandhi Dynasty must worry a lot ?

Ramnath Kovind got 522 MPs votes when BJD & JDU supported him.Venkaiah Naidu got 516 without BJD & JDU support.More than 35 MP from Opposition voted for Venkaiah ji. It’s the popularity and his penetration across Party.


Nishika Ram