Vinod Dua, the man who allegedly molested a woman now gets slammed by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari for spreading fake news

The season of fake news has kick started as it is the election season. All the popular and skilled fake news peddlers are blazing their guns to target the Modi government. This time the heinous act of misguiding the people was done by Vinod Dua, who was formerly accused of sexual harassing his colleague.

After the #MeToo movement that gained limelight, the past predatory works of Vinod Dua was exposed. Later on he shifted from the propaganda website The Wire to another news portal HW News. There, in his show named “The Vinod Dua Show”, Dua said that union minister Nitin Gadkari had openly expressed his anger against the Modi government for stalling the developmental projects.

Presently, union minister Nitin Gadkari is one of the top performing ministers in the Modi cabinet and this allegation could create a big embarrassment for PM Modi. But relax, this was a fake news created by Vinod Dua. To project this fake news as a genuine one, Vinod Dua posted a video which was smartly and cunningly edited.

In the original video, Union minister Nitin Gadkari said that when he took over the ministry (in 2014 from UPA govt) there were hundreds of projects stalled. Mr Gadkari was clearly speaking of how the UPA had stalled the project. But Vinod Dua shamelessly claimed that the project was stalled by the Modi government and even claimed that Mr Gadkari is against PM Modi, just by editing the video.

But this blatant lie was ripped apart by none other than union minister Nitin Gadkari who said “In the last few days, I have noticed a sinister campaign by some opposition parties and a section of the media to twist my statements and use them out of context and draw politically motivated inferences to malign me and my party”.

After slamming the sold out media, he continued his attack saying “I have time and again strongly refuted such insinuations and once again condemn all these malafide and mischievous out of context reports attributed to me. Let me make it clear once and for all that conspiracies to create a wedge between me and the BJP leadership will never succeed. I have been clarifying my position at various forums and shall continue to do so and expose these nefarious designs of our detractors”.

After the fake news was exposed, the HW News pulled off the fake video anchored by Vinod Dua. Many more similar fake news might be given birth in the next few months just to target the Modi government.

Hansika Raj