Why all the Violence in Jammu-Kashmir Has Suddenly Stopped???

When we look at India map, Jammu and Kashmir appears to be the head of India as it is placed at the top. But over the years, it had apparently become the headache for the government. Stone pelting and attack on security persons were a routine activity yet the anti-nationals went unpunished. But now the entire scenario has toppled because the fear has increase, not in the security personnel but among the terrorists and all their sympathizers.

Why stone pelters fear to hold stone? Why the youths fear to hold gun?

It is really a tough task to stop a person from his/her hobby. Yes, few youths in Jammu had decided that stone pelting is where their passion lies in. But these youths who passionately threw stone at the security personnel now fear to even tough the stone. The youths who patronised Burhan Wani are now afraid to follow

How Indian James Bond played a major law to execute PM Modi’s plan!!!

“They can run but they can’t hide”, this was the statement given by Indian James Bond and the National Security advisor Ajit Doval after the Amarnath terror attack took place. Under the guidance of Ajit, Indian Army had executed two surgical strikes successfully. All the tactics to suppress terror activities happen under his guidance. It is also a known fact that Pakistan know Ajit Doval better than Indians.

Major terrorists eliminated!!!

The Indian Army has turned on its aggressive mode under General Bipin Rawat since few months. Its dream of transforming the valley into a terrorist free tourist place will be definitely done by this December. The good time for the Indian Army started soon after the successful elimination of terrorist Burhan Wani.

Can you believe that the Indian security personnel were successful in eliminating 30 terrorists in the month of June? Abu Dujana, Abu Ismail, Bashir Lashkari, Sabzar Ahmad Bhat, Sajad Ahmed Gilkar, Junaid Mattoo and many more top terrorist commanders were eliminated by the Indian Defence forces. The security forces were successful to kill nearly 170+ terrorists in the year 2017. This has broken the backbone of the terrorists.

Defence Analysts may say that India is not ready to handle war like situation but India has shut their mouth in style like a boss. Few weeks ago, China was on a verge of launching an attack, Pakistan as usual was helping the terrorists to cross the border and even violated the cease fire. To add to it, terrorists were on a revenge mode as their colleagues were killed by Indian forces one after another.

Even in this situation, Indian Army was all set to counter China & Pakistan and hunting of terrorists was done like never before. So this shows that Indian defence is working on a clear cut strategy and is efficient to tackle all its enemies at once.

Hansika Raj