Viral! Here’s what Indian Youths replied when they were asked “Will Rahul Gandhi make a good Prime Minister?”

Since the time Congress Government has won the election in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan the Congress party and its agents are presenting Rahul Gandhi as a big challenge to PM Modi. The media is presenting the dynast as the only one who can dethrone Modi.

But is it really true? Has the equation really changed after the recent assembly elections held in the three states? Do the people prefer Congress Government over the Modi Government?

Yes it might be true but in the eyes of Congress and its agents only because the nation doesn’t feel so. In a recent video viral on Internet of India Today Mind Rocks 2019, the biggest youth summit which is ongoing in Bhubaneswar the youth has rejected Rahul Gandhi and that too with a big “NO”

When Raj Chengappa- Group Editorial Director (Publishing), India Today Group questioned, “Will Rahul Gandhi make a good Prime Minister?” The audience comprising mostly of youths, answers in a loud roaring and clear cut ‘NO’.

The response doesn’t go well along with the Editor. So he thought to give it another try with a hope to get few YES for the Congress President. But when the editor modified a question and asked “Who says “Yes”, who feels positive about Rahul Gandhi being the Prime Minister of the country.He wouldn’t have thought this could be the response. To his surprise there was complete pin drop silence and after some time everybody started laughing out loud.

This is not only the voice of the particular region of the nation. Infact this is the voice of the whole nation. Nobody wants to see Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister of India.

Union Railways Minister Piyush Goyal also took a jibe at the Gandhi scion. He tweeted the video in which the youths of Bhubaneswar royally trolled Rahul Gandhi with the following caption: “An eye-opening moment revealing the people’s disdain for Rahul Gandhi. When the young crowd is asked whether he would make a good Prime Minister, there is only mocking laughter all round. The people have made up their minds.”

The person who disgraces India at the International level, who along with his family and party have looted the nation since long, who is corrupt and is out on bail on scam cases doesn’t ever deserve to hold the most important post of the Prime Minister of the nation. Even he doesn’t deserve to be the party President but due to the dynasty politics being followed by the party since long he is at that position

Its high time for stopping the dynasty politics of the Congress Party. People should vote for Prime Minister Modi and his Government and should throw this family centric party out of the nation to the place where they really belong

Source: Rightlog