VIRAL SACH EXPOSED! Is RBI Governor’s Wife Really Nita Ambani’s Sister??

From many days there has been a message that is being circulated in every social media platform and what’s app that RBI governor Urjit Patel’s wife is Nita Ambani’s sister and therefore the demonetization plan of Modi government was leaked by RBI governor to Ambani’s family.

Most of the people without verifying facts have believed that this information is true and Modi government is protecting the Ambani family.

But the real truth has now been exposed…

To start with Nita Ambani has only ONE sister and her name is Mamta Dalal, and her father’s name is Ravindrabhai Dalal. Mamta Dalal works in a school of the Ambani group of Schools in Bandra.

24375264-cms Mamta Dalal

Urjit Patel on the other hand was married to a lady called Kanan Patel and have two children Ishika and Eishan. Kanan Patel is NOT the daughter of RAVINDRABHAI DALA but the daughter of Anil R Patel. She has two siblings Rachana and Shwetha.

The entire information is available on Google!

Urjit Patel belongs to a very posh Kenyan-Indian business family and was born in Nairobi in 1963. He is a highly accomplished economist. He received his Bachelor’s in Economics from London School of Economics and M.Phil degree from Oxford University in 1986. He also received Doctor Philosophy in Economics from Yale University in the 1990. He was posted to IMF (International Monetary Fund) country mission in India from 1992-95.

On deputation he was posted in the Reserve Bank of India where he was an advisory role in improving the debt market, banking system and pension policy planning and banking sector reforms and also on real exchange rates in markets. He was also working as the consultant to the Government of India in Finance ministry and Economic affairs until 2001. From 2001-2004 he worked as the member of High Level Committee in both state and central government levels.

Due to his wide exposure in the finance sector and economic reforms, in 2013 January the then Manmohan Singh Government appointed him as the Deputy Governor of the RBI. He was heading the Monetary Policy Department, economic policy research, statistics and information management, deposit insurance, communication and Right to Information.

On August 20th 2016 he was appointed as the Governor of the RBI!

So now, can all those people who are ranting that Modi appointed Urjit Patel to favour his close friends answer… did your party leader Dr. Manmohan Singh saw the future in 2013 about demonetization and planted Urjit Patel into RBI so that they can accuse Modi in 2016???

Or should we say according to Congress logic, the Congress party was so close to Ambani family that’s why they brought in Urjit Patel so his wife could pass on the information to a non-existent sister ‘NITA AMBANI’?!!!

Most important thing is, Urjit Patel before accepting the Deputy RBI governor position applied for an Indian Passport and it was forwarded by none other than Dr Manmohan Singh to the Home Ministry saying that ‘Urjit Patel is a very important person to India’.

So before Congress makes any stupid and idiotic allegation, they should first do a background study. In a very good way, we suggest the Congress not to follow their PRINCE RAHUL GANDHI’s path!!!

Aishwarya S