Viral song rattles Rahul Gandhi! Congress threatens to file a defamation case against a man who composed a hilarious song on Congress Chief

With the 2019 LokSabha elections approaching near all the parties have tightened their belts and are campaigning with full force. The new trend of campaigning is also being witnessed in the countdown to election. Politicians are counting on viral music and lyrics to win votes

This is being witnessed especially in Haryana, the state also going for Assembly Elections this year. Songs have become an inseparable part of the dust and grime of Haryana’s electoral politics.

Amidst of all this musical political campaign, the song composed by singer Rocky Mittal on Congress President Rahul Gandhi has become a topic of controversy.

Singer Rocky Mittal has composed a song titled “Sonia Ka Bachha Akal Ka Kachha” in which he criticized Congress President and narrated to the country how Congress is fooling the people of the country by endorsing a failed leader like Rahul Gandhi. He tried to reflect upon the character of Congress President the way he feels about him.


But this has landed Rocky Mittal in trouble as Congress is ready to file the defamation case against him for disgracing the President of Congress. Before this Rocky has also created a song on Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu which also had become controversial.

But Rocky Mittal is firm on his stand. When asked from him about the song he said it is the misfortune of the country that the opposition has made such a person sat on the peak who also does not know what to say on the stage. He further said that Rahul Gandhi calls himself Janeudhari and does temple run for publicity while the truth is that his grandfather Firoz Khan is a Persian.

He also said that he is not afraid of any political pressure and whatever he has stated about Congress President Rahul Gandhi is completely true. Now if that truth is sounding bitter to Congressmen then it is their problem not his.

He also told that next month he is going to launch the song titled “Geedron Ki Toli Chli Modi Se Takrane” against the MahaGathBandhan exposing the real intentions of them

Although BJP has no role in this incident and is at par from it but EX CM of Haryana Bhupinder Singh Hooda has targeted BJP for the incident and said this reflects the low thinking of BJP

While one thing which is noticeable is even the political musical campaign is at its peak in Haryana but the BJP is not actively churning out songs for these elections whereas for the bypoll elections of Jind scheduled to be held on 28th January the Congress too has joined the song bandwagon, with melodies extolling candidate Randeep Surjewala already out on social media.

“31 January dhol bajenge jis din nirnaya aavere.
Surjewala jitega sea Jind jile nu chhave re…”
(There will be celebrations on 31 January when the Jind results are announced and Surjewala is declared the winner).

“Randeep Surjewala CM laana padega..Congress ka raaj dubara leana padega… (Will have to bring Randeep Surjewala as CM and restore Congress rule)” goes another popular song sung by Surender Romio, a popular local singer

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