VIRAL VIDEO!!! Was BJP MLA Carrying Rs 20,000 Crore in a Bolero Car???

The news that a BJP MLA was carrying Rs 20,000 crore new notes in a bolero has been circulating in whats app and social media since many days. Pictures of huge bundle of Rs 2000 notes stacked  in a room is being circulated and said it was found in a Bolero car of a BJP MLA.

The entire Facebook was filled with messages saying the money belonged to BJP MLA Sudhir Gadgil and he has got the illegal black money converted into white with the help of BJP government in the centre. Its also being said that this man knew about demonetization and hence he had shifted all his black money even before Modi announced the news about demonetization.

The ABP news carried out a complete investigation on this…and the truth will shock you!

The first question is whether the huge stack of money shown in picture fit in a Bolero car??

According to the rumors, the vehicle was traveling from Parbhani to Sangali on 14th November. But this was stopped in Tuljapur of Usmanabad by the police and taken into custody.

So the first fact that was revealed by the police was…the amount ceased from the vehicle was 6 crore rupees and not 20,000 crore. It actually belonged to a person called Ganesh Gadgil who is the chairman of the Sangali Urban Bank. Just a day after the bolero was stopped, Ganesh Gadgil had given a written document that the entire money belonged to the bank and was being taken for bank deposits. A press release was given that after the demonetization of old notes, the banks had to be deposited with new notes and there were 9 different branches of Sangali Urban Bank to which the money was being taken.

The driver had the bank ID and all valid papers relating to the bank deposits. Out of 6 crores, 3 cores was to be deposited in Parbhani branch and another 3 crores in Maajalangau branch.

So the entire story cooked by the Congress and AAP was exposed. They were circulating the fake story of 20,000 crore being carried by BJP MLA just for the sake of maligning Modi and wanted to show the BJP government in bad light.


Aishwaraya S