Virender Sehwag sends out a ‘viral’ tweet on Cow slaughter

Twitter is a platform for people to express themselves. While some use it to abuse ‘FOE’ & ‘FOS’, many show that gratitude is something that still keeps us going. A majority of the Indian population look at the cow with reverence. The animal is considered to be sacred in the Hindu Religion. A Rajasthan High Court Judge recommended that the Cow should be declared as the national animal of India.

Justice Sharma said that 33 crore gods reside in the divine animal. While the left argued that it was their democratic right to slaughter & feast on the cow,  many of us were of the viewpoint that the holy cow must not be slaughtered. The animal not only offers several benefits, but is also a boon to mankind.

Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag joined the ‘cow slaughter’ debate on twitter. The dashing player, who is popular for his witty tweets, decided to offer a serious and strong take on Twitter this time. Sehwag cited an example from Sri Lanka where one monk saved several cows from being slaughtered. What happened next is for everyone to see.

One Cow was seen bowing down and expressing its gratitude to the monk.

The picture was taken in 2008 in Sri Lanka. Isn’t it amazing. The Cow in this pic is displaying its emotional side. A lesson for the rogues in Chennai & Kerala.

Alok Shetty