Vote for Pakistan? Ally of Congress says “Vote for anyone from Congress party, even if the candidate is from Pakistan”

Other than the name “Indian” in the Indian National Congress, there is nothing Indian in the party of Rahul Gandhi. After Pulwama attack, the Congress party didn’t even condemn the acts of Pakistani based terrorists, instead blamed the Indian security forces and the Modi government. All were stunned to see why the Congress party was going hyper-soft on Pakistan.

And now another move to appease Pakistan has taken place where the ally chief of Congress party has said that they are ready to support even Pakistan, just to defeat PM Modi. This statement has been made by Mahan Dal party’s founder Keshav Dev Maurya in a rally that was held in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.

In an anti-national statement, he said “Pratyashi mat dekhna, haath ka panja dekh lena, usi pe vote de dena, pratyashi koi bhi ho, accha ho, kharab ho, Pakistan se bhi aake lade, Mahan Dal ko koi aitraaz nahi hoga”.

English translation: Don’t look at the candidate, look the palm of the hand (election symbol of Congress), and vote for it. Let the candidate be anyone, be it good, be it bad, outsider, insider, even if someone from Pakistan contests, Mahan Dal will have no problem.

What was even more shocking was that when this statement was made, several senior Congress leaders like Raj Babbar, Rashid Alvi and Naseemuddin Siddiqui were present at the rally. But no one object to the shameless statement of Mahan Dal chief.

Mahan Dal had joined hands with the Congress party in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and since then it is with the Congress party. If we go to analyse a trend, only the parties that are associated with Congress are giving anti-national comments. We never saw such chief politics by the BJP led NDA.

In a spree to hate Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Congress party has made it a routine to make anti-national slogans

Hansika Raj