Modi Magic Continues! BJP won uncontested from Alo East Parliamentary constituency seat in Arunachal Pradesh

Have you ever heard that voting hasn’t started yet but the party has won also? Yes, it is true. Whereas other parties have started their election campaigning, Prime Minister Modi and his party has blown the victory bugle even

Yes, the party has won uncontested from the Alo East Parliamentary constituency in the North-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. And with this win, PM Modi and his Government have started their winning spree.
This is a massive boost to BJP before the polls have even started. Not only PM Modi Government has won its first seat for Lok Sabha Elections 2019 but also it is the first time the party is forming Government in the state of Arunachal Pradesh

There was a time when Northeast was the bastion of Congress but today all over the North East BJP has formed Government. Not only North-east infact BJP has become a pan India party. This shows the trust of people, immense faith of people in PM Narendra Modi and his Government

It has become possible all due to the hard work done by PM Modi Government. The seven sisters were being denied their rights since long by the Congress party. It is PM Modi who looked upon this denial and served people of NorthEast by initiating and completing the several development projects in the North East

The region which was earlier aloof from other states got connected to each and every state due to the vision of PM Modi and his Government and is prospering today

This victory of BJP candidate winning uncontested from the Alo East Lok Sabha is a shot in the arm for the BJP. What could have been a better start for BJP than this in the upcoming LokSabha Elections? Even before entering the polling phase BJP has waved the flag of its victory

The BJP could not have expected a better start to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The polls have not even started but the BJP is already winning them.