Vrikshayurveda, the ancient scripture which most of us would have never heard!

Have you heard of the Ancient Scripture, Vrikshayurveda? Most of us haven’t.  It’s the first extensive scientific manuscript on applying Ayurvedic principles to plants. It was authored by Sri Surpal in Sanskrit script some 3000 years back. It was one of the main reasons why Bharat was the richest and most prosperous country in the world during the golden Classical Era. And it was exactly the same reason why the British stole it from us.

The credit goes to Dr. Y L Nene for bringing back the manuscript Vrikshayurveda from the United Kingdom’s Bodleian Library (Oxford) in 1996. Dr. Nalini Sadhale, his colleague from AAHF ( Asian Agri-History Foundation) translated it into English. It’s a complete guide for the healthy growing of trees and the protection of the Environment. By following the guidance of this scripture, the human race can stop harming the environment further and do the damage repair. The natural calamities like floods, droughts, untimely rains, and groundwater depletion are caused by the greedy act of deforestation. By following the principles provided in Vrikshayurveda, we can put a complete stop to the natural calamities.

It’s amazing to know the abundance of knowledge the Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) has to offer to the mankind.  In Vrikshayurveda, Sri Surpal stresses on the importance of trees in such a simple language that a human heart can easily identify with. He says, “Ten wells are equal to a pond, ten ponds to a lake, 10 lakes to a son and ten sons are equal to one tree!”  Human beings can’t love anyone more than their own children. But our scriptures tell to love trees more than one’s children. Well, it makes sense. Protecting environment is nothing but protecting our future generations.

After glorifying the trees, the scripture proceeds to elaborate on the science of plant life step by step. Starting from procuring, preserving, and treating of seeds before planting, to preparing pits for planting saplings, selection of soil, method of watering, nourishments and fertilizers, External and internal plant diseases and its prevention etc. It further gives the technical knowledge about the layout of a garden, agricultural and horticultural wonders, groundwater resources etc.  The topics are well sorted out and easily comprehensible. With the guidance of Vrikshayurveda for sustainable agriculture, our Annadata need never commit suicide.

The scripture further motivates the religious minded Hindus by promising bliss in the Urdhva Lokas by their service to the environment.  Planting the trees like Bael, Vat Vriksh (Banyan), Ashwata (sacred fig), Dhatri (Gooseberry) Mango, Neem,  Audumbar (Cluster fig) is treated as a very sacred deed.

One of the worst atrocities of the British Raj was their systematic dismantling of our great heritage. What they did to our economy from the World’s richest (GDP % 35-40) to the world’s poorest (3.8%) was still reversible. We bounced back into the world’s fastest-growing economy again. What was irreversible was the plundering of the treasure of our ancient scriptures that had made Bharat as the world’s richest and the most prosperous country in the Classical Era. Let’s reclaim and return to our roots and make Bharat ‘Sone ki chidiya’ (a golden sparrow) again!