The VULTURES who targeted PM Modi after Godhra riots are now targeting someone else; Do you know who is their new target?

After the Godhra riots in Gujarat, several media house pounced on the then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi. This game started in the year 2002 and continued till 2014. Almost every mainstream media projected him as a murderer but Modi never tried to answer their insane questions. As years rolled on, even the court gave a clean chit to PM Modi. The same Presstitutes who pounced on PM Modi are now running behind him seeking permission for an interview.

Several media house who established themselves by claiming that they are secular media ended up targeting Hinduism and the organisations that protected the rights of Hindus in India.

At this point of time, where a group of people were successful is establishing the false narrative in the society, a news portal named Postcard News came to restore the truth. Postcard News proudly said that it was a website that favours nationalism. But those who were allergic to the word “nationalism” tried to suppress Postcard News by calling with several names. They called us “Right Wingers” and we accept this as a “Badge Of Honour”. By this, they have accepted that nationalism can only be found in right wingers.

Another speciality of Postcard News is that it didn’t receive even a penny from any of the politicians. This itself is an achievement because this is the time when few journalists promote politicians just for something in return from them. Those who alleged that Postcard News had received money from certain political party, never submitted any proofs to support their claim.

Rana Ayyub to Barkha Dutt, everyone had shaped their journalism career by targeting Mr Modi after the Godhra incident. Hilariously, now these are busy targeting Postcard News.

Postcard had a report written on how Indian Media was labelled as the second most untrusted institution in the field of media. In the same article, we had mentioned how few of India’s journalists are spoiling India’s name. But this was hard to digest for some, so they called it as fake news. This tweet is still present in “World Economic Forum which has 3.7 Million followers. The source that we referred still exists and is presented below. By haters called it a fake news.

An article was made on Postcard saying that we manufacture fake news and the link of this article was retweeted by Shashi Tharoor, Rana Ayyub, Burkha Dutt, Digvijay Singh and many more who previously took pride in attacking PM Modi.

By this, one thing is clear that Postcard News is successful in demolishing the false narrative that was promoted by the people who hated PM Modi. Apart from these mainstream politicians and journalists, there are few other websites which are targeting us on regular basis.

Well, if their bread and butter are gained by targeting Postcard News, then we are really happy about it. Let them post the “fabricated propaganda filled stories” about Postcard News so that their bank account takes a hike.

When few were supporting the misguided youths who slapped our brave soldiers, we condemned them. When few were supporting the anti-nationalists on national media, we condemned them. When false information was spread about India’s culture, we countered them with facts. This is Postcard News, and not a mouth piece of any political party.

This is Postcard News that was formed on the pillars of nationalism and patriotism. We are working for the betterment of the “India” and we will definitely succeed in it.

Hansika Raj