Wake up Hindus: From 1951 to 2011, see how Hinduism is declining

“Mera Desh Badal Raha Hai”

This sentence is really true. The country is really changing but in what aspect?

Once Bangladesh had significant number of Hindus but today Hindus are chased down and killed. Pakistan had temples but once the Hindu population started to reduce, the temples were destroyed and converted into public toilets. Why I am saying this is because Indians may face similar situation.

In West Bengal and Kerala, RSS workers are chased down and killed. In Bengal Hindus are forced not to celebrate certain festivals in public by the Mamatha government. Do you know why this is happening? The only reason is because the population percentage of Hindus has taken a downward trend.

200 years ago in Kashmir if one would take ten stones and threw it randomly, all the stones would have fallen on the roofs of Hindus houses. But now if you throw the stones, chances high that the stones will be pelted back so badly that you will get buried in it.

“Mera Desh Badal Raha Hai”

Now let us have a look at the percentage population. In 1951 the Hindus in India were 84.1% out of the total population and Muslims were 9.8%. But today Hindu population has come down to 79.80% and Islam has increased its count to 14.23%.

This is a huge reason to worry. It’s not because Islam followers are increasing but where ever Hindu population saw a downfall, immediately atrocities against Hindus started openly. In 1921, in Kerala more than 100,000 Hindus were killed by Muslims in the Malabar rebellion and today we know the situation of Kerala. Cow is slaughtered in broad day light; terrorists are trained and sent to Syria and many more anti-social activities are carried on.

Similarly with the help traitors of India, many Bangladeshis are the Ratio card holders of Indian government. This is a huge threat for internal security of India but there is an even bigger threat and that is Hindu existence is endangered. Rape of Hindu women of all ages and murders of Hindus is common wherever Hindus are less in number.

But just for vote bank politics few politicians have started to destroy the Hindu community. Let me say you that, the history of India doesn’t begin after 1947. The history of India doesn’t begin after Mughal or British invasion. The history of India began with the Hindus sages. The History of India didn’t begin when few foreigners said earth is flat. But India’s history began when our sages discovered the nine planets.

So every Hindus should be aware of the fact that Hindu population is decreasing tremendously. According to 2011 census, in West Bengal, Hindus are 70.54% and Muslims are 27.01%. There is no need to mention the situation of Bengal Hindus; shops are looted, Hindu women are harassed and Hindu practices are mocked at. This is a warning call for all the Hindus. Being ignorant may lead to total wipe-out of Hinduism from the nation. So be aware and spread awareness among Hindu community.

Hinduism is the flavor of India. Hinduism is the soul of India. If India is the heart then Hinduism is the heart beat.

Nishika Ram**