‘Wake up Sid’ slip sent to Karnataka CM goes viral

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has been caught ‘taking 40 winks’ during several meetings & legislative sessions. On Wednesday, the Karnataka CM was seen taking a nap during the press conference in Bengaluru on Wednesday. The journalists & camerapersons present there witnessed an epic moment when the Karnataka CM had to be nudged by Congress’s Lakshmi Hebbalkar, so that the party could avoid being embarrassed on live TV.

Lakshmi Hebbalkar was seen writing a slip ‘Please alert CM Sir Sleepy.’ Before the slip could reach KPCC working President Dinesh Gundu Rao, a few journalists had already glanced the slip.

Here is the slip written by KPCC Women’s Wing President Lakshmi Hebbalkar that was passed to Karnataka CM

Lakshmi Hebbalkar decided to write and pass the slip when she was informed that the CM was taking a nap. Since the press conference was being telecast on news channels, she decided to avoid the embarrassment by passing the slip.

The Karnataka CM has probably lost interest in politics. If media reports are to be believed, it may also be a case of post-demonetization trauma. The Congress Party is being sensitive in its approach. People already know that directly or indirectly most Congress Chief Ministers were doing the same in office.

The party has leaders with diverse talents. Our Ex PM Manmohan Singh will be remembered for his silence. Another Ex PM Deve Gowda (Ex Karnataka CM also, but not from the Congress) & CM Siddaramaiah (who once belonged to the sleeping party, JD{s}, but is now with the Congress) will be remembered for staying committed to their sleep.

Tony Joseph**