Want Another Proof of Pakistan’s Hatred Towards India? Check the Names of Their Missiles

Developing missiles to target a particular enemy is understandable. India’s missiles are particularly aimed at countering the Chinese threat, while Pakistan’s are aimed at India. But, at times, the names of these missiles can tell a lot. Like the names of Pakistani missiles do.

Here are some of the names of Pakistan’s missiles – Abdali, Ghaznavi, Ghauri, Shaheen and Babur. Find anything common amongst most of them? They are named after people who looted and plundered India. These killers bloodied our soil by killings millions of innocent Hindus just because they hated Hindus for being ‘infidels’. Destruction of temples was also commonplace under the rule of these merciless plunderers.

  • Mahmud Ghaznavi, an 11th-century Persian invader of Turkic origin, invaded India 17 times. He is reviled for looting and destroying the Somnath Temple.
  • Ahmed Shah Abdali was an 18th-century Afghan king whose army is known for massacring Sikhs. He is said to have invaded India 7 times.
  • Taimur invaded Delhi in 1398 and his invasion was followed by one of the brutal massacres which Delhi saw in the medieval ages.
  • Babur too is regarded to have harboured a deep anti-Hindu sentiment which led him to destroy many temples.

But why has Pakistan, in today’s era, named their missiles after such murderers? The reason is the underlying mindset of hate and bigotry of the deep state in Pakistan. Instead of naming their missiles after their scientists or military commanders or even politicians, they’ve chosen long-gone rulers who were known to have massacred Hindus and ruined our religious sites.

Pakistan still believes that Muslims are the rightful rulers of the subcontinent. Their belief that Hindus are the ones who took power away from them and that Hindus are ‘infidels’ who plot secretly for the downfall of Islam is why they give their missiles such ridiculous names.

Ever since becoming a separate nation, Pakistan has lived on a rhetoric which claims that Hindus are always up in arms against Pakistanis and are always looking for opportunities to wage war. This mindset isn’t just restricted to the palaces of Pakistan’s top army commanders or to power corridors in Islamabad, but Pakistan has openly expressed it to foreign diplomats – even many presidents of the United States – to get increased military assistance.

The tacit message that Pakistan tries to send India by naming their missiles in such a manner is that ‘we will plunder you the same way these killers once did’. Pakistan’s inherent and deep-set hatred towards India and particularly Hindus is amply evident by the names of their missiles. Anything anti-Hindu, and they latch onto it. The mindset, is despicable.

Vinayak Jain