Want Big Post in Congress?? Support Pakistan & Please your Masters at 10 Janpath

Apart from Karnataka, not many would have known actor Ramya until recently. This actor turned politician joined the congress party few years back. Although initially her popularity was good, in a span of 2 years she was reduced to zero value in politics, mainly because of her arrogance, failing to perform any work, inefficiency and lacked seriousness. She has also been targeted by her own party members for disrespecting senior leaders. She is said to be close aide of Rahul Gandhi but has no connect with ground level politics in state of Karnataka. She contested from Mandya for Lok Sabha elections in 2014 and lost against Janata Dal candidate. Since then she was isolated by party workers itself. But she was desperately trying for a cabinet berth in Siddaramaiah”™s government but saw no luck.

Some people in politics consider the best way to get noticed is to rack up a controversy so the media is behind them 24/7. Ramya tried the same trick to get some attention to her political life by making an unwanted statement on Pakistan. When entire Karnataka was opposing the Anti India slogans raised in Bangalore College, Ramya”™s statement in support to Pakistan is utter shameful. Supporting Pakistan which has made Kashmir a battle ground is not just adding fuel to fire but insulting thousands of Jawans who are dying protecting Kashmir from Pakistani terrorists.

These irresponsible people are using sensitive issues to gain popularity and attention. Many actors from Karnataka have opposed her stand on Pakistan. And inspite of severe criticism and backlash, Ramya has remained defiant. She has been giving bizarre excuses and wants Modi also be booked on sedition charges for visiting Pakistan. If this is the reason, then probably all State Heads will have to be booked for attending diplomatic and official meeting in Pakistan.

Many people from Congress blamed Modi for inviting Pakistan PM for his oath ceremony, they should be reminded that he did not invite ONLY Pakistan PM for his oath ceremony but invited all the SAARC country heads. Home Minister Rajnath Singh also visited Pakistan recently to attend SAARC meet, should he also be arrested??

Pakistan may or may not be hell, we do not care, but Pakistan has no rights turning Kashmir into hell with its terror operations. It has no right to comment on India”™s internal matters and if they continue to do so, India will rebut in the manner Pakistan understands. And if some people want to oppose this and sympathize Pakistan and think its HEAVEN, they should probably live in that country.

If terrorist Hafiz saeed has praised Congress stand on Pakistan, then it requires no explanation what the party stands for. Ramya is just following the age old tradition of pleasing her masters in 10 Janpath by speaking for Pakistan.

Often she is also called LADY PAPPU for her ignorance and ill informed general knowledge, so her statements aimed to gain attention need not have to be taken seriously.

Aishwarya S