Who wanted to leave India if Mr Modi became Prime Minister? Where are they now?

I will leave India!! I will leave the country, said by many traitors before PM Narendra Modi came into his post in the year 2014. All these Modi haters and traitors were ready to leave the country if Modiji graced the throne as the “Prime Minister” of India. Some among them even had a staunch intuition that Modiji would not win the elections and they had made huge comments based on this.

However all these negative vibes would not affect the political journey of Modiji and to the good fortune of India; Modiji graced the throne of Prime Minister and slammed tight on the faces of those who commented behind his back.

Here are a few of those listed, the ones who were planning to leave the country but still haven’t packed their bags yet!! Let’s have a look, who are those:

1. Kamal R Khan

He has been one of the most controversial celebrities who is known for his habit of taking jibes at stars and making random claims. He is well-known for his nuisance comments in twitter. KRK is a self-proclaimed celebrity and a critic. Many of the Bollywood celebrities have stood in a fight against him for his senseless allegations on them.
This man was among the top most people who had claimed, they will leave the country if Modiji becomes Prime Minister. You would be eager to know what he actually did after Modiji won the election. He posted this:

He had 5milion followers in his twitter account before he deleted it. Of course, these followers were not his fans but followed him either to abuse him in the comment box or have fun reading his hilarious nuisance. Well, he claims to have one bungalow in Dubai though he has not left India yet.

The latest revelation by KRK has to top all the tantrums. KRK recently posted a picture with Kareena Kapoor Khan and claimed that it was proof that he was dating the Bollywood actress for four years!! What more can prove his stupidity??

Well he took a clean turn and posted this later on:

2. U R Ananthamurthy

This Jnanpith awardee Kannada writer also comes under this list. He was a contemporary writer and critic in the language. He is the sixth writer to be honoured with the Jnanpith Award for the Kannada language, the highest literary honour conferred in India. He remained a fervent critic of nationalistic political parties until his death.
U. R. Ananthamurthy made an unsuccessful run for the Lok Sabha in 2004 in which he stated that his prime ideological objective in opting to contest the elections was to fight the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). A vocal critic of the “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh” and “Bharatiya Janata Party” (BJP) for over 50 years, Murthy said in 2013 that he would not live in the country ruled by BJP leader Narendra Modi.

He too later took a turn back and clarified that those remarks were made when he was “overcome by emotion” and said that he had no such plan. Though he continued to oppose BJP. Murthy was given special police protection after he began receiving threatening phone calls, by the people who asked him to leave the country as per his statements.
Later when Modi became the Prime Minister he was given a free ticket to Pakistan by a group of Modi supporters called “Namo Brigade”. The co-founder of “Namo Brigade”, Chakravarti Sulibele, publicly criticized Murthy quoting:
“The mandate after the results were out was quite clear. Mr. Ananthamurthy must respect the majority sentiment and accept it. If he does not accept the mandate and thinks Pakistan is a more secular country, then that is where he should be living.”

However, he took his last 2 years back, due to cardiac arrest.

3. Deve Gowda

This former 11th prime minister of India and 14th Chief Minister of Karnataka is also the one among those who claimed they will leave if Modi rules as the Prime Minister. It was during a news conference in Shimoga, this 81 year old stated that he would leave Karnataka state if Modi becomes the PM.

But like the others, he also continues to live in Karnataka.

4. Lalu Prasad Yadav

This former Chief Minister of Bihar and the former Railways Minister basically belongs to Bihar and is often in talks for his foolish talks. Lalu stands out the crowd in this list. Unlike the others in the list above, Lalu Prasad Yadav had claimed that he would change his name!! Yes, you heard it right. Lalu had claimed that he would change his name if Modi becomes the Prime Minister.

Well, now he seems to be too busy to do this, as he is under the grab of CBI investigation for the unlimited number of cases on his part and his family.