WARNING! Are Anti-Modi Brigade Planning for Massive Riots on 28th November???

Since November 8th the entire opposition has been desperately trying to create sentiment against demonetization which has miserably failed. The opposition especially Congress is playing huge role in galvanizing all the parties to speak against BJP and also is holding Parliament for ransom.

Despite many efforts the public sentiments is proving to be pro-Modi and Congress is finding it difficult to create strikes and ruckus against Modi government. Therefore the Congress made Mamata Banerjee take the lead to call for Nationwide Bandh on demonetization on 28th November 2016. Many of the opposition parties have given support for this including Arvind Kejriwal, Left, SP and BSP.

The Congress lead Karnataka government has brazenly announced the shutdown of all government offices including the on going winter session of Karnataka Assembly. No government ever supports bandh since it is against Law to hold the society for ransom and forcibly pressurize people to lend their support. But Karnataka government and CM Siddaramaiah has shown no respect for LAW but instead have acted like slaves of Congress High Command Sonia Gandhi.

But the problem is not about the Bandh, but internal reports received by few cyber experts have said that Anti BJP parties are planning to instigate major riots and violence on 28th November. This information is being has been given out by experts in the cyber security. But unfortunately the main stream media in Karnataka has been warned not to highlight any news on violence.

The Home Minister of Karnataka today openly said that they support the Bandh on 28th November giving a hint that Congress may not take any actions against those people who may instigate violence. The plan is to disturb the Law and Order situation and blame Modi’s decision of demonetization for the incident.

Arvind Kejriwal and Mamata Banerjee who have said to be greatly affected after demonetization have joined hands with Congress to create maximum damage in the name of Bandh. Arvind Kejriwal few days back had openly threatened about law and order situation if demonetization is not rolled back. This was an indirect threat that the Arvind Kejriwal was planning to ignite violence.

Few cyber security experts have received reports that the opposition is planning to create riots and violence in Gujarat keeping the upcoming elections in mind. They are planning to utilize this opportunity to malign the BJP government which can adversely affect the BJP during elections.  It has also been said that people from different states have been hired and many supporters of Hardik Patel and Kanhaiya Kumar have joined hands and want to turn the event into severe law and order situation.

People have to be careful and should avoid getting into fights or arguments with unknown people. All those who want to withdraw cash from ATMs and banks should take extra precautions and inform police immediately if they sense any unusual activities near the banks. According to reports the political parties want to disturb the crowd near the ATM’s and banks and use the opportunity to spark violence between people.

Henceforth it is necessary that people remain safe and remain cautious while they are outside and traveling.

Aishwarya S