Was Aryan-Dravidian theory a political game plan to divide people of North and South?

We may remember as kids, we had probably read the Aryan and Dravidian stories in schools. We were told that Aryans were people who came from Central Asia and were not natives of India, while Dravidians were natives of India and true descendants of Indians and mainly settled in South.

However, as kids, we never thought there would be something fake and false in our textbooks and history which had sinister motives to mislead us. Yes, the entire Aryan-Dravidian theory was a fake story propped up by our politicians to mislead generations and divide the country. The plan to divide the country was strategized by British who followed the divide and rule which was later picked up by the colonial slaves in India. Their main agenda was to project that North Indians were Aryans and South Indians, especially the Tamil Nadu region people were Dravidians and thereby creating a psychological divide among each other.

Many Historians and Archaeologists conducted various studies to find proof if North Indians really migrated from Central Asia but failed to gather any evidence to prove that their DNA was different from that of South Indians. A recent DNA study of skeletal remains from the Harappan Civilization has undoubtedly proved that the Aryan Invasion theory was completely false. The study reported that there was no traces of Central Asian race in the DNA sample indicating that the Aryan Invasion was a fake concept.

The lead researchers of this soon-to-be-published study — Vasant Shinde and Neeraj Rai — told ET that this establishes the knowledge ecosystem in the Vedic era was guided by “fully indigenous” people with limited “external contact”

“The Rakhigarhi human DNA clearly shows a predominant local element — the mitochondrial DNA is very strong in it. There is some minor foreign element which shows some mixing up with a foreign population, but the DNA is clearly local,” Shinde told ET. He went on to add: “This indicates quite clearly, through archaeological data, that the Vedic era that followed was a fully indigenous period with some external contact.” (Economic Times).

According to Rai, the evidence points to a predominantly indigenous culture that voluntarily spread across other areas, not displaced or overrun by an Aryan invasion. “The condition of the human skeletons, the burial…all show absence of palaeo-pathology symptoms which could indicate ailments due to lack of medical care. The persons here were healthy; denture morphology showed teeth free of any infection; bones are healthy, as is the cranium,” Rai told Economic Times.

Researcher David Frawley who has been in India for decades and studied Vedas and the Indian Culture had also conducted various studies on the Aryan-Dravidian theory and found that the entire story was a mere conspiracy by political parties. The Dravidian theory says that Shiva was the Lord of Dravidas and not Aryans.  But when we look into the history, the Kailash mountains, Amarnath which are believed to be the place where Lord Shiva resides are in North. The great scholar Adi Shankaracharya who was from Kerala had himself visited these place thousands of years back and even established many study centres in North. So, did Shankaracharya believe in North and South divide?

David Frawley writes many Ayurvedic scholars like Swami Dayananda (Arsha Vidya), Swami Chinmayananda and Ramana Maharshi were from South, who propagated the use of Ayurvedic medicines in North as well.

Today the great traditions of India are alive in both South and North. Given the influence of Islamic invaders in North and the domination of Khans in Bollywood has suppressed the projection of Indian culture greatly in movies. But in South, even today we see a lot of Sanskrit, Vedic traditions projected in the movie.

The origin of Aryan theory mainly started during the British rule who along with few locals wanted to throw away the old Brahmin class which happened in North as well. The caste system which was exploited by the British, made people fight with each other which created a divide in the society. Although the Hindu tradition or Sanatana Dharma do not follow or believe in any caste system, the false pride which was picked up in caste system during the 18-19th centuries gave an opportunity to the British to divide Hindus and the country. This was later utilized by the pseudo-secular parties who wanted to establish their rule in the south.

But every theory has been now disapproved by historians and scientists who have clearly said there was no migration of Aryans from central Asia and there is no difference in the DNA of North and South Indians which shows they all have common ancestors.

Credits: Dr David Frawley

The Aryan-Dravidian Divide Is A Political Myth

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