Was Ashutosh”™s statement a hint that AAP”™s closet is full of CDs and pictures? AAP MLA has pointed out at another possible sex scandal

AAP MLA has pointed out at another possible sex scandal

In the last week of November 2012, Arvind Kejriwal launched Aam Admi Party (AAP). During the launch event at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, Kejriwal had urged the crowd to promise that they would not vote according to candidate’s religion or caste. They would not accept money, alcohol, or any other bribe in exchange for their vote. They would not give or accept bribes, and they would carry their identity cards and cast their vote in every election.

During the launch event, he had declared that AAP is the result of their anti-corruption movement and it will prove to be an honest alternative for people. Today, after almost four years, the activist turned politician’s party has 67MLAs in Delhi. Party’s MLAs are facing wife molestation allegations, cases for assaulting NDMC workers, land-grabbing and fake educational documentation cases, owning benami properties, as well as cases for destroying public property and rioting in Delhi and Punjab.

Party’s MLA from Delhi, Sandeep Kumar, is already in the headlines because of his sex scandal. The girl in the concerned video has approached the police and filed a rape complaint. The former minister and his PA have been arrested by Delhi police this morning.
Now, Devinder Sehrawat, AAP’s own MLA from Delhi’s Bijwasan constituency has blown the lid off another possible sex scandal. In his recently written letter to Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal, the MLA has pointed out that while campaigning in Punjab, he has come across reports that show how senior leaders from AAP are exploiting women by promising them a ticket in upcoming polls in Punjab.

Devinder Sehrawat interacted with journalists and said there are photographs of some AAP leaders with women on social media. Some leaders are also asking for money in exchange for tickets in Punjab. While hitting out at his party and its members for the disgraceful act, he also stressed on the point that explanation given by Ashutosh on Kumar’s sex scandal was not according to AAP’s core values.

On the other hand, AAP’s spokesperson termed the MLA’s report as a baseless allegation and said he does not have any proof to prove his points.
“We had given Vidhan Sabha ticket to Devinder Sehrawat in 2013, he lost polls. Then, we gave him Lok Sabha ticket, but he lost it again. Finally, he won in 2015 on our ticket. But, he has not given anything to the party in exchange,”-said Sanjay Singh during his press conference this afternoon. As expected, the spokesperson also claimed that BJP and SAD are behind these allegations.

‘Sex is a part of our basic instincts’
While defending Aam Admi Party’s MLA Sandeep Kumar, IBN7’s former managing editor said-“sex is a part of our basic instincts”. He also wrote a blog post in favor of Sandeep Kumar and pointed out that Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, and other famous political leaders had extramarital affairs.

Several complaints have already been filed against Ashutosh for defaming the above-mentioned leaders. He has also been summoned by the NCW. But, the point to be noted here is that the party tried to justify the act by suggesting that Kumar’s act was consensual. Was Ashutosh aware that some of his colleagues in Delhi, Punjab are following Sandeep Kumar’s footsteps and he may have to give an explanation for more sex scandals involving his party men? Was this topic discussed between Kejriwal and his comrades while enjoying those snacks, samosas, and tea worth one crore?

Nitten Gokhaley