Was letting free the most brutal rapist Mohammed Afroz an assurance to other potential rapists to follow the same and escape?

In December 2012, the country witnessed one of the most brutal incident in History which shook the Nation’s conscious. The entire country came out on streets supporting the innocent girl Nirbaya who was raped by 7 demons in the heart of the Capital. The demons not just raped her, but had inserted rods and pulled out her intestine displaying a rabid dog attitude to the humanity.

Every person in the country had demanded death sentence for these criminals who took brutality to a different level. But there were few politicians and fake human right activists who wanted the main accused Mohammed Afroz to be let free for the only reason because he belonged to a special community.

Unfortunately,  our courts which were not strong enough to take a stern action against the rapist let free the most brutal rapist Mohammed Afroz. He was kept in remand house for 2-3 years during which his mentors had noted that he did not show any remorse for the brutality he committed, but instead he was defending his acts.

Despite these inputs from the juvenile home, he was let free because he had a minority tag attached to his name.

This obviously set a wrong and bad precedent to the society where many potential rapists have felt no matter what they do, they can still get off the hooks of law in the country.

Yes, after Nirbaya incident, the entire country believed that the rapists will be hanged and people would fear to even attempt raping anyone. But what happened was a disaster as even after 7 years, not one person has been punished. As a result, cases like Nirbaya have increased rather than decreasing and every time we hear that criminals and rapists have learnt to insert rods, sharp objects and wooden pieces into private parts of the girl just like how the demon Mohammed Afroz did.

And yet the courts are asleep and they are least bothered about the safety of any women in the society. They continue to adjourn and adjourn the cases bending to the pressure and influence of the rapists.

It is a shame that a country which talks about women safety and women empowerment has still not been able to punish a single person who killed Nirbaya or hundreds of innocent women and children whose life has been dragged to muds and their future spoilt.

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