Was Major Gogoi, the man who tied a stone-pelter to a jeep, really caught with a minor girl in a Hotel room?

Some of the Anti-Indian seems to be very happy to hear news of Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi’s arrest; they haven’t even taken time out to cross check the fact. This shows they hate India more than they love power and money.

After the news broke out regarding the arrest of Major Gogoi, Indian media houses seem to be cooking up their own stories without cross checking the fact to be whether it’s true or not.

Watching the anti-nationals tweet against our army is saddening. They want to break the moral of our security forces. Make no mistake, these are mind games played by Pakistan Army and ISI. This lady here seems to be very happy and she has had already formed an opinion or is it conviction or even a judgement? Like previous continuous failures of hers, this one is bound to fail. Will she ever learn to be honest?

No wonder, Sagarika Ghose & Barkha Dutt went bonkers when the GOI decided to make fake-news peddling journalists accountable.

Major Gogoi was immediately released by the police as there was nothing to be held against him. After peddling lies, both the liars deleted their tweets.

Henceforth, there will be more such attempts especially on BJP party and its MLA’s and MP’s who may be honey trapped as forewarned by Dr. Gaurav Pradhan. Our Indian Army can immediately file a case against these idiot journalists and India would love seeing them the behind bars for the propaganda of fake news and bringing disrepute to armed forces and its valiant officers. Shame on sold out journalists!

It is that time when our country is led by those who will lie about anything, backed by those who will believe anything, based on information from media sources that will say anything!

1) Major Gogoi caught in a “compromising position” with Girl in Hotel is False News
2) Girl and a Man named Sameer Ahmed had come to meet Major Gogoi but Hotel Manager didn’t allow
3) Major went outside, heated arguments happened, Locals called Police
4) Girl’s Age is unclear

This is a lie and propaganda being spread by certain forces, Sir. Major Gogoi has not been arrested or detained. He is with his Army unit. An Army officer or for that matter even a cop can meet his sources anywhere and often need to change their occupation etc for such meetings.

Many of the media houses had published a different story yesterday and changed the story overnight. These media houses find it hard to clear out their own confusions and thus confuse the public as well. it has been clear there is no such charges against the Army officer.

When they can’t defeat you by power or wisdom try something different to defame our Army and Jawans. I deeply condemn the path they have taken to defame my Army. I want to show solidarity with Major Gogoi and stand by him.