Was Pakistan Army secretly working to ensure Rahul Gandhi’s victory in Gujarat? If you hear the name of Congress CM candidate, you’ll be stunned

Hamaare rehnuma Qaayed-e-Millat Ahmed Patel Saahab banenge wazeere-aala (chief minister) Gujarat

Gujarat elections have links with Pakistan? This is the hot topic that is making buzz in India. Rahul Gandhi is facing one after other setbacks ahead of Gujarat elections. Till date, those setbacks were usually due to his gaffes but now he has landed himself in a bigger trouble and this may end up in a mass exodus. After all, this happened due the statement made by DG of Pakistan Army, Arshad Rafiq.

How Arshad Rafiq spilled the beans?

“Hamaare rehnuma Qaayed-e-Millat Ahmed Patel Saahab banenge wazeere-aala (chief minister) Gujarat”. The translation goes like this “Our guide Ahmed Patel sir will become Chief Minister of Gujarat”.

We don’t want the Gujarat model and we know that Ahmed Patel will be the chief minister of Gujarat. This was how he wanted the Congress party to ascend to the throne in Gujarat.

Soon this Pakistani realised the blunder done!!! Deleted his Facebook post immediately

This post of Arshad Rafiq started getting viral and this made him aware that this may create an adverse affect in the poll bound Gujarat state. So he deleted the post from his Facebook timeline.

One thing that should also be noted is that the Congress has not declared its CM candidate in the Gujarat state. Is the Congress really planning to make Ahmed Patel the CM if it wins the Gujarat elections?

Why is the Pakistan Army happy with Congress party?

  • Every Indian thumped their chest in pride when brave Indian para commandoes entered Pakistani territory and killed nearly 40 terrorists and Pakistani soldiers. But the131 year old Congres party demanded video evidence of the surgical strike. By doing this, they insulted Indian Army and as expected this pleased the Pakistani goons.
  • Former Delhi CM Sheila Dixit’s son had called Indian Army General Bipin Rawat as “Sadak ka gunda”. Have you a person abusing their own Army General? Well, Congress did it and once again pleased the Pakistan.
  • Manishankar Aiyar had once begged Pakistan to defeat PM Modi in the elections. This has given rise to speculations that Pakistan is working secretly for the Congress party in Gujarat after looking at the tweet of former Pakistani Army General.
  • When terrorist Hafiz Saeed got released, Rahul Gandhi rejoiced over twitter

Pakistani Army wants Ahmed Patel to become the Chief Minister of Gujarat. But why? Ahmed Patel had to face the wrath of BJP after a terrorist was arrested weeks ago. This terrorist was working at the hospital which where Ahmed Patel was allegedly associated. Does Ahmed Patel have any link with the Pakistan, which is popular for exporting terrorists across the world?

Whatsapp messages of Congress is shocking!!!

To support the claims made by former Pakistani DG, the WhatsApp messages circulated by Congress was really shocking. In the Muslim dominant areas, the Congress urged the Muslims to support Ahmed Patel.

Ananya Sharma