Was the then Defence Minister Parrikar against Rafale Deal? Air Marshal Sinha has some inside story that will put an end to Rafale controversy

Rahul Gandhi’s fake theories on Rafale deal are getting hammered, time and again. On 8th February, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi blabbered that “It is absolutely clear that that the prime minister has stolen Rs 30,000 crore of your money, bypassed a process and given it to his friend Anil Ambani”. He made this statement after relying on a distorted letter and a fake story published by the left-leaning The Hindu newspaper.

Rahul Gandhi and The Hindu claimed that the then defence minister Manohar Parrikar was against the Rafale deal but within minutes after this lie was busted when the complete document that had Mr Parrikar’s note on it was published. Shockingly, not just Rahul Gandhi, but even The Hindu refused to apologize. The Hindu’s N Ram went on to attack the ailing Parrikar just to cover-up his fake story.

Now the Air Marshal SBP Sinha, who was the chairman of Rafale negotiation committee, slammed the fake theories suggesting MoD was against Rafale deal. Giving an insider story, he said “It is necessary to understand how Rafale negotiation took place. We were a team of 7. There were two air force officers and five joint secretary officers from ministry. Whetaver we did, it was done with consensus. The procurement process began after the approval by Defence acquisiton council, whose chairman is Defence minister. Then how can the Defence minister be against it?”.

With this statement, Air Marshal SBP Sinha made it clear that the Ministry of Defence was very much behind the deal, and had zero doubts about it. Mr Sinha added “The pressure was not being put, and the biggest example of this is the fact that such a big matter came up in this note, but the MoD neither asked me about it, nor they forwarded me the letter”.

Hansika Raj