Watch! 13 years back Mamata Banerjee had resigned from Lok Sabha opposing Bangladeshis infiltration, what changed now?!

Since the time Assam government took up the issue of illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators, the opposition parties have gone bonkers and are trying their best to sabotage the mission of deporting illegal migrants. The Assam government which prepared the NRC list excluded 40 Lakh people who were believed to be infiltrators from Bangladesh.The government is most likely to cancel their citizenship and voting rights which will turn out to be a massive blow to the so called secular parties who use these illegal migrants as their vote banks.

This issue has literally disturbed Mamata Banerjee more than anyone who is making noise against the BJP government. She went to the extent of threatening the Modi government saying that if NRC list is released, then the country would witness civil war and blood shed. “They (BJP) are trying to divide the people. The situation cannot be tolerated. There will be a civil war, bloodbath in the country” said Bengal CM in a function. But it is time to remind Mamata Banerjee about an incident 13 years back where she herself had resigned from Lok Sabha over the issue of illegal Bangladeshis. Yes, it was the same Mamata Banerjee who had opposed the then government of Congress favoring illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators. She had raised the issue in Parliament saying “Infiltration into West Bengal has become a disaster now and there were Bangladesh nationals on the voting list.” The notice given by Banerjee for an adjournment motion on the issue was disallowed by Speaker Somnath Chatterjee earlier but she insisted on raising it despite being repeatedly told by Atwal, who was in the chair, that “the notice of your motion has already been disallowed by the Speaker. I cannot do anything about it.”

Annoyed by speaker’s attitude, Mamata Banerjee had hurdled papers on the speaker which had shocked everyone in the house.  She had also submitted her resignation from her seat. However the resignation was not accepted as it was not submitted in the right form.

Take a look!

But today this same lady has taken complete U turn on Bangladeshi infiltrators just for sake of votes and is officially declaring that she would allow the illegal migrants to stay in Bengal. If this is not hypocrisy, then what is?!

Let people see and decide how politicians change their stand according to their convenience to get power and position.

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