Watch! 1300 Kashmiri Youths defy shutdown call, appear for Indian Army’s entrance exam

Kashmir is an integral part of India. There can be no ‘left liberal’ view to it. Sometimes I find it strange that these people call themselves ‘left liberals’. 2 terms that contradict each other but have been used by India’s story-telling media to put forth a ‘de-mock-crazy’ view point. The brokers of Pakistan (separatists) had called for a shutdown in the valley after terrorist Sabzar Ahmed was killed by the Armed forces.

Their shutdown call was answered with a ‘shut up’ call as 1300 Kashmiri youths appeared today for the Army common entrance exam.

There were protests in the valley after Burhan Wani’s successor, Hizbul militant Sabzar Bhatt was gunned down by the Army. Sabzar joins Wani in ‘Jannat’.

The separatists called for a two-day shutdown in the valley after Sabzar’s appointment was fixed with God. An Army official said that 799 Kashmiri youths had appeared in the exam for selection of junior commissioned officers and other ranks held at Pattan and Srinagar.

“It is a clear rejection of regressive Bandh calls for choosing a brighter future,” the official said. 493 Kashmiri youths appeared for the exam in Srinagar.

There were reports of stone pelting in more than 50 places in the valley including Sringar & Tral as the stone pelters were back on the streets. There were similar incidents reported in july, last year after the Burhan Wani was killed by the Army.

Sabzar Ahmed had succeeded Burhan Wani as the Hizbul Mujahideen commander. One was the ‘son of a poor headmaster’ while the other had a ‘failed love affair’.

Signing off with a quote by the Indian Army – “Forgiving a terrorist is left to God, but fixing their appointment with God is our responsibility.”

Source: Hindustan Times

Alok Shetty