Watch! 2 decades ago, here’s how Sushma Swaraj shut the mouth of anti-Hindu politicians

If a kid asks you what is women empowerment, then brief the kid about the achievements of Sushma Swaraj Ji. Back in the 90s, when the Indian politics was totally dominated by males, she was an exception.

She was the lady who gave a humane touch to the Ministry of External Affairs during the first term of Modi government. 5 years ago, a common man couldn’t even imagine of getting an response to his grievance from the external ministry. But under Sushma Swaraj, the Ministry of External Affairs reached such a pinnacle that one could get help with just a tweet. Isn’t it fabulous?

Now let us know about another important chapter from the life of Sushma Swaraj. Many don’t know that she took the anti-Hindutva forces head on, that too inside the parliament.

Today, after her death, a speech is going viral on social media in which she is seen ripping apart the Congress and other hard core parties that oppose BJP.

It was 1996.

Sushma Swaraj started her fiery speech saying, “Mr Speaker, we are communal. Yes Mr Speaker, we are communal because we advocate singing Vande Mataram. Yes, we are communal, because we fight for the respect of the national flag. We are communal because we want to abolish Article 370. We are communal because we want to put an end to discrimination based on caste and creed in this country. Yes we are communal because we want to get the Uniform Civil Code (Saman Nagrik Samhita) implemented in this country”.

She added “we are communal because we want the voices of the Kashmiri refugees to be heard”.

She continued ripping apart the anti-Hindus as she went on to say “The truth is, Mr Speaker, that because we are not ashamed of being Hindu, we are communal and we are anti-secular, and in this country, if you are not ashamed of being a Hindu, then you cannot be certified a secular by these pseudo-intellectuals. Mr Speaker, our definition of secularism is that a Hindu should be a good Hindu, a Muslim should be a good Muslim, a Sikh should be a good Sikh and a Christian should be a good Christian, and everyone should follow their religions while simultaneously respecting each other”.

Sushma Swaraj then questioned “What is Bharat, Bharatiya and Bharatiyata?” to which a politician Murasoli Maran said “We are different and you are different”.

But the explanation provided by Sushma Swaraj was just fabulous. She said “Mr Speaker, I want to say to my friend Mr Murasoli Maran with all due respect, that he doesn’t need to go anywhere to understand the meaning of Bharatiyata. Bharatiyata means that from Bhangra to Bharatnatyam, all dances are Indian and belong to India. Bharatiyata means that from Jammu’s Rajma Chawal and Punjab’s Makki Roti to South’s Idli Dosa, all delicacies are Indian delicacies. Bharatiyata means that from Amarnath in the North to Rameshwaram in the South, all pilgrimages are Indian pilgrimages. You ask, what the aspects of this culture are”.

She continued saying “Mr Speaker, the aspects of this culture are such, that a devotee of Lord Shiva takes water from Amarnath and washes the Lord’s feet at Rameshwaram, it has happened because of this very culture, that even after being born in West Bengal, Mr NC Chatterji names his son Somnath. This is our culture. I don’t need to look up the meaning of our culture in a dictionary. It is mirrored in this very house itself”.

Below is the video of the fiery speech!