Watch! AAP party worker thrown out of party office for openly revolting against Kejriwal after MCD rout!

After the loss of Punjab and Goa, we saw many voices including Kumar Vishwas, a prominent member of the AAP had blamed Kejriwal for poll debacle. The Ex- AAP members Yogendra Yadav and Mayank Gandhi also blamed Kejriwal and the core team for their dictatorial way of functioning.

But it was just the beginning, now the party workers of AAP who are mainly responsible for galvanizing votes for Kejriwal have also gone against the party. They are openly revolting against Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia and demanding change of guard.

The man said he has worked for the party since initial days, donated huge funds to kejriwal but the man destroyed everything. He said he trusted Kejriwal and the party but now Kejriwal has ruined everything by his arrogance said the man.

He was immediately thrown out of the party office for targeting Kejriwal and the core team. Looks like there is no space for dissent in the party. Kejriwal probably thinks he is God and no one has the rights or authority to question him or blame him for anything.

This exact arrogant nature of his is the reason he is been losing elections on elections! May be its time for Kejriwal to accept defeat and work rather than blaming Modi and BJP for every single issue.

Aishwarya S