WATCH!!! After Shashi Tharoor’s ‘Hindu Pakistan’ remark, now Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia insults Hindus with his act

What else can we expect from Congress party and its leaders? The Congress party has always ashamed the people of nation with their disgraceful acts. All the leaders of Congress party have always insulted BJP, PM Narendra Modi & Hinduism. They have always hurt the sentiments of Hindus by disrespecting their culture, traditions and festivals. Once again the party has shown their level by stooping such low and the new addition to the list of Congress leaders disrespecting Hinduism is the youth leader of Madhya Pradesh (MP) Jyotiraditya Scindia.

The dynast of Scindia dynasty has disrespected the feelings of many and has stirred a controversy after throwing away a coconut which was given to him by his party workers. A video is viral all over the social media showing the shameful act of the Congress leader.

The Congress leader was travelling from Khajuraho to Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. While he was passing through the town of Panna, his car was stopped by a few congress workers who proceeded to welcome him by giving him a coconut. Scindia accepted the coconut at that time but shockingly while he was exiting the city, threw it away. Although this act of him was noticed by an officer on duty but in order, it should not catch the eyes of people he hide the coconut between his feet.

But how such a disgraceful event disrespecting the God can even go unnoticed, it was caught on camera by some passer-by and went viral afterwards exposing the real face of Congress party and its leaders.

The Congress leader has insulted the Hinduism as it could be clearly seen in the video that the coconut that Jyotiraditya Scindia has thrown on the road has “Sindoor” applied on it and it clearly shows that it is the part of Parsad which is considered to be full of purity and always first offered to Devi/Devtas and then distributed amongst the worshippers for blessing them. He not only insulted the culture of Hinduism but along with that he also disrespected the feeling of Congress worker who has given the coconut to him to wish him best luck and bless him.This even shows his responsibility as an educated citizen and human being for the environment and keeping the nation clean.

Those leaders who can’t even respect the feeling of their party workers and disrespects the Indian tradition & culture. Who always do whatever it takes to attack Hindus? What else can we expect from them? How can we expect that they will respect the common man of the nation and think for his betterment? They people only think for themselves not for the nation or people of the nation. Since ages they have been driven by selfish purposes and are making their lives better and loading their accounts with money for their enjoyment.

People of MadhyaPradesh should not forget and forgive JyotiradityaScindia for his shameful act of throwing sacred ‘parsad’ of Hindus from his car and should show him his real place in the upcoming elections by throwing him out of power just as he has thrown the coconut offered to him for blessings on the road.

Source: Jansatta