Watch! Ajit Doval’s Bold Take on Why Terrorists Love Indian Secular Parties and Secularism Angle….???!

We always wonder why Anti-National activities in India have been increasing lately. The country saw a number of events organized in various colleges chanting Anti India slogans. Many students were also seemed to be members of banned organization of Popular Front of India and SIMI organizations.

Unfortunately many cities in India have got the tag TERROR HUB, this is a matter of shame and great concern. This wasn’t the situation 2-3 decades back. But suddenly in the past 10 years, the terror activities in India have been on rise. Recruiting, training activities have been rampant and many madrassa’s have also been involved in radicalizing youths.

We may wonder why we are unable to tackle this problem

Ajit Doval in a debate in TimesNow reveals why exactly is India turning out to be a safe haven for terrorists!

He categorically states that the main reason for terrorist flourishment in India is due to In-Action against terrorists and terror supporters and the interference of political parties to protect terrorists. He states how the Bihar government in the verge of appeasement politics had refused to co-operate with National Investigation Agency and Anti Terrorism Squad and went out of way to protect the terrorists. Indian Mujahideen unit was operating from a place called Darbanga in Bihar, it ran one of the deadliest terror module.

Mahmood and Yasin Bhatkal the most wanted terrorists were leading the camp and was heavily protected by politicians and received funding for bomb making and terror plots. The terror plot was so vast that it gained the name “Darbanga Terror Module”.  The terror module was a mix of orchestrating communal tensions, vote banks, illegal immigrants and JIHADI attacks! This also earned the Darbanga city…a Terror City!

He quotes examples of how Bihar government created big fuss in the name of secular politic when Karnataka police arrived to arrest Khafil Akhtar, when Chennai police arrived to arrest Irshad Khan and Shahabuddin who were involved in CRP Rampur case. When these people were arrested the DGP of Bihar had said he cannot take the suspect into the custody as there is no clearance from the government. Later the Chennai police had to take NIA help and special permission to arrest them.

The political parties have no intent to curb the terrorism in India. They want to send the impression that they will NEVER TAKE ANY ACTION AGAINST JIHADI or ISLAM TERRORISTS! This is clearly to save the vote banks. For them National security is the least concerned topic. If not, why would Congress party shamelessly support Ishrat Jahan who is proved to be Suicide Bomber, why do they oppose the hanging of Yasin Malik, Afzal Guru??

And exactly why these pseudo seculars hate Narendra Modi and a Nationalist debate in country!

Ajit Doval sends out clear message that until these political parties continue to support and protect these terrorists in the name of secularism India will remain a SAFE HAVEN for TERRORISTS!


Aishwarya S**