Watch! When Akbar is called great, why not Maharana Pratap asks Rajnath Singh

Union Home Minister unveiled a statue of the great Indian Rajput warrior Maharana Pratap on his 477th birth anniversary on May 9, in Pali district of Rajasthan. The Home Minister raised a very valid question when he asked why the Rajput warrior was not referred to as ‘The great.’

The home minister said that when Akbar was called as the great, why historians chose to underplay Maharana’s contribution. Rajnath Singh said that the Mewar ruler was a true statesman.  “I am surprised that historians call Akbar as great but not Pratap. What shortcoming they noticed in Pratap that he was not referred to as ‘The Great,’ Singh said.

Singh described Pratap as a great patriot who sacrificed his throne for self-respect. His courage was exemplary and the great Rajput ruler valued honour above leisure, Singh added. The Home Minister said that he had no problems in Akbar being referred to as ‘The great.’ But, at the same time Maharana Pratap’s contribution in guarding the nation cannot be forgotten, he said.

Paying tribute to the martyrs and freedom fighters of the 1857 Indian rebellion, Singh said that the sacrifices made by Indians during the period were supreme. “We are inspired by great warriors like Shivaji & Maharana Pratap even today.”

Terming it as a huge mistake in ignoring Maharana Pratap’s contribution, Singh said historians should rectify their mistake by giving the Rajput warrior his due & credit.


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