WATCH! Akshay Kumar lashes out at molesters! Asks Girls to teach molesters a lesson!

Akshay Kumar who has been in news for various reasons be it helping the farmers family who went through tough times due to drought, standing with the family of martyred soldiers families and helping them in all the way possible including offering them with monetary help and also taking a nationalist stand when most of the bollywood was on the other side shows akshay Kumar not just another movie hero but a hero in real life too. Akshay Kumar this time has voiced his opinion about the unfortunate incident that happened on the streets of Bangalore.

Akshay Kumar has lashed out at the molesters calling them ‘darinde’ (bastards) who do not have the decency to understand how to behave with a woman. This land which has been worshiping women in the form of god has in the recent times also seen incidents which are not good for any society. Women who were treated as higher beings are now seen as commodities by a faction of people and that is not good for the well being of any society.

Women who have equaled and in fact surpassed men in many competitive fields have not been treated as equal to men in the society and that is the biggest disaster of our nation.

Akshay Kumar in video has used very strong words to put forward his thoughts and we feel you not only have to listen to it but also have to pass it on to every person on your contact list. We need more people like Akshay Kumar to raise their voice against those who are committing heinous crimes. We need people like Akshay Kumar to take the lead and unite us in this fight against the male dominated society.

Akshay in his video says ‘ He has been pained looking at the recent incidents which took place in Bangalore to such an extent that he is ashamed of being a human.’ He says he is very angry at the molesters and he finds there to be no reason to come to terms with the criminals.

He correctly pointed out that we as a society cannot claim ourself to be humans when we committing henious crimes like molesting, harassment on women. He also lashed out those inhuman illogical creatures on this earth who try to justify the action of these criminals by pointing their fingers towards the girl. They give such irrational reasons which freaks us out even more. They point at the dress wore by the lady, that what was she doing outdoors late night rather than being at home, why did she had a smoke, what is the need of having a drink etc etc. Akshay kumar has aptly called these people hypocrites who do not have the ‘Aukat’ to speak on such issues.
He also warned the criminals and the irrational creatures voicing their illogical reasons to either mend their ways or there will come a day when they will find it impossible to digest the backlash of women. He also advised women to learn some simple martial art techniques to take care these bastards and make themselves strong enough to fight against these kind of men who take advantage if their muscle power to harass a women.

We salute Mr Akshay Kumar and remain indebted to him. You are an inspiration sir. We are fortunate enough to have heroes like you who take tough stands not only in movies but also in real life too.

Watch the video and voice your opinion too. Enough of silence. Its time to remind these criminals that we are silent not by compulsion but by choice. Let’s start treating our women as equal as men.

Jai Hind!


Ramchandra Bhat K


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