Watch the Archaeological evidence about the truth of Ram Janmabhoomi!

Ayodhya Ram Mandir issue is a thorn in the flesh for all Indians. It is the struggle of six centuries of Hindus to reclaim the temple site. In 1528, the Mughal invader named Babur had denigrated the Ram Temple of Ayodhya and had built Babri Mosque on the demolished structure of temple. Mughal invaders have demolished hundreds & thousands of Hindu temples and broken the deities during their 800 years of rule. But this temple had a special place in the hearts of Hindus. It was an ancient temple of the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu,Lord Sri Ram,on the very spot where he was born (incarnated).

From 1528 till date, hundreds of battles and struggles to retrieve the birth place of Lord Sri Ram have taken place. Numerous attempts have been made to resolve the issue through wars, negotiations, protests and attacks. Presently the Ram Mandir case is an on-going issue in the Supreme Court and BJP Rajya Sabha Minister Subramanian Swamy is monitoring the issue seeking construction of Ram Temple at the site of the birthplace of Lord Sri Ram.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court offered a suggestion that it would be the best way to settle the contentious issue out of court in an amicable way. This suggestion came after Swamy sought urgent hearing on the long-pending case. The issue being of Religion and sentiments, the Chief Justice J S Khehar appealed to all the concerned parties to sit together to arrive at a consensus. He has asked Swamy to inform about the final decision on 31st March. It’s another matter that all the previous attempts of out of court settlement through talks have failed.

This Ram Temple – Babri Mosque controversy is a sentimental issue for both the communities. Hence common people, Hindu or Muslim need to know few important things about the issue.

The facts of Babri Masjid every Muslim must know– Though the history of Babri Mosque is full of Hindu bloodshed and Mughal cruelty, today’s Muslim may be attached to it as the ‘place of his devotion’. And today’s Muslim is not responsible for the barbarity of the Mughal invaders in the past. So, it might be a common opinion of Muslims as to why rake up the dirty past and pollute the present by using ‘tit for tat’ policy for a holy place.

The answer to this ‘Why’ lies herein. Babri Mosque was not built for offering prayers. It was a monument built to establish the Mughal Victory over Hindu Kingdoms. The Babri Mosque lacks two mandatory requirements in its structure to be treated as a Holy Mosque. One is, the structure lacked the Minarets required for Azan (call for prayer) and secondly, the absence of a water-pool for wazu (ablution) .So our Muslim brethren need not be sentimental about a mere monument built by some Mughal King. The title of the site may be legally owned by Babri Masjid management. But is it worth clinging to the piece of land by upsetting almost 100 Cr Hindus?

The point of view of Hindus– As told in the beginning, the very place of dispute is the birthplace of Lord Rama. Hence, Hindus who have compromised with all the past atrocities of Mughals are protesting hard for the Ram Temple construction in the sacred place. Reconstruction of a grand Ram Mandir is the dream of every Hindu believer. Presently the deity of Lord Rama and Seeta are worshipped in a temporary structure of tarpaulin.

What does the report of Archaeological Survey of India say? In 2003, the High Court had ordered the Archaeological Survey of India to excavate the site scientifically and verify the GPRS report. The process of excavation was carried out in the presence of two observers appointed by the court. (Two Additional District Judges of Faizabad).Along with them, the concerned parties, their counsels, experts were allowed to observe the excavation process. 40% of laborers were Muslims, to maintain impartiality. ASI conducted minute to minute videography and still photography of excavation.

Their findings were a great revelation. Several walls and floors and two rows of pillar bases at 50 equidistant places were discovered. A Shiva Temple was clearly seen. The GPRS report and the ASI report are now an integral part of the High Court records. GPRS has mentioned clearly in its report that an existence of a huge structure extending over large area underneath the demolished structure was noticed. It nullified the claim of Muslim clerics in the civil suit filed in December 1961 that BabriMasjid was not built on virgin land.

To put it in a nutshell, a piece of land forcefully captured by the enemy of India by demolishing an important temple of Hindus cannot be a matter of prestige for the Muslim Community just because that enemy built a monument on that land which resembled a mosque. Its time our Muslim brethren deal the issue with empathy and try to make good the past atrocities of the enemies of our India!


Jyothi Suparna Chincholi