Watch! Army adopts this brilliant technique to stop stone pelting, not ONE stone hurled at Army vehicle…check what they did!

Army has been brutally targeted by stones and bombs by these terror supporters since years. But couple days back, there was one video which went viral on social media in which the stone pelters were seen kicking, hitting and abusing the army soldiers walking on streets.

These stone pelters attacked the army on streets, kicked their helmets, grabbed their belongings and hit them on the head and abused them with harsh words. But the dignified soldiers did not respond or revolted in any way and simply walked away.

Remember the army jawans could have retaliated in any way they wish, they could have simply hit them back or even shot the goons on the spot. But the Indian army which is known for its dignity and pride did not react to these idiots.

But today, the army adopted such technique which tied the hands of every stone pelter in the valley.

They tied a Kashmiri youth to their vehicles and took patrol in the roads of Kashmir, the stone pelters who always used to attack Army jawnas and vehicles were stunned and did not know how to react. The people who were ready with stone to be pelted on the army started dispersing and not one stone was thrown at the army.

This smart move came after the stone pelters took extreme step of attacking the army and blocking the Anti Terror operations last week which injured over 75 CRPF jawans.  Just after this incident, on 9th April there were elections in Budgam, J&K. But a mob of 500 goons started attacking the school where the polling was held and threw stones not just at army but also at people who came to vote.

They were paid huge money to disrupt the polling and create violence in the valley. This was well planned by the separatists who got heavy funding from Pakistan terror groups. The elections saw a mere 1% turn out which was worst and elections were postponed due to the violence caused. The separatists even burnt down a school which caused panic in the people.

But now, the Army has taken a brilliant step to put a break to stone pelting. When they used pellet guns, there were fake human rights activists who ran to the court and filed a petition seeking ban on pellet guns. So the Army used this ‘tit for tat’ method which has silenced all these jobless goons in the valley.

Aishwarya S


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