Watch! Arnab Goswami brutally thrashes paid media and Azadi gang in his latest Speech!

Just few days back, we felt that India was missing Arnab Goswami badly during the 2nd episode of the Azadi debate. Yes, in the absence of Arnab Goswami, most of the channels and so called journalists took advantage of the situation to project the anti National gang in the Ramjas college chanting Azadi slogans as heroes of freedom of speech!

The lady called Gurumehar Kaur, came from no where, took her father’s name, falsely claimed he was martyred in the kargil and shamelessly defended Pakistan and its terrorists. She supported those people who raised anti India and azadi slogans in the same language of Pakistanis. Within no time all main stream media, rallied behind her, gave her publicity and set a fake narrative about freedom of speech.

The well known Ex-NDTV chief editor, Barkha Dutt, went on to say this is nothing but a peaceful dissent and freedom of expression. Since when did speaking against the country become freedom of expression? Since when demanding Azadi from India become freedom of speech? Since when did chanting slogans like ‘Bharat Ki barbhadi’, ‘Bharat Ke thukde Honge’ become the trademark of peaceful protest??? This is not just a random development, it is a well planned, scripted episode from the same gang which is trying to destabilize India and every political party which supported them is very much part of the plan.

There is no secret that this is being directed by anti India, pseudo liberal, pseudo secualar gang just to destabilize India and malign the Indian Army which is receiving unprecedented support from the people.

Arnab Goswami in his latest speech, mentioned the same thing that the entire event in JNU and now in Ramjas college is been scripted by the same people. The same TV channels which stood for anti Nationals have again come in support of the mindless Gurumehar kaur who belittled her father’s sacrifice.

Goswami in his speech pointed at NDTV without taking names and said this same channel wanted to telecast the Nirbaya’s documentary which shamelessly gave a platform to the rapists and proudly let them defend their actions of rape. The NDTV wanted to telecast this program and call themselves liberal media. But Goswami questions where was the same liberal media when Asaduddin Owaisi’s men threw stones on Taslima Nasreen and attacked her in 2007, during a book release function? Where was this liberal media when our soldiers were killed brutally in Uri attack, during Pathankot. Did the NDTV go on protest as they did when the Nirbaya documentary was banned?

Barkha Dutt who went to JNU every day to chat with useless people like kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Kahlid, did not find time to visit the marty’s family…where was she? The JNU spoke about Human Rights for a terrorists who was responsible for the killing of 300 people in 1993 blast, do not speak about the Human rights of those 300 innocents who died!

Our soldiers are no fools to die for us everyday in the border! They are protecting us each day, every minute, every second, otherwise God knows what would have happened to our country with so many enemies in and out! So lets be clear, speaking against the Country, against the democracy is no way called the freedom of speech. Supporting terrorists, disrupting the peaceful environment is no freedom of expression.

In one sentence, those who talk against the country, those who speak against Indian armed forces those who support anti Nationals are no less than terrorists….and we do not hesitate to call them So!

Watch Arnab Goswami’s powerful speech!

Aishwarya S