Watch! Arnab rightly calls Zakir Naik Terrorist, Preacher of Poison, Venom & Hate on the debate

Arnab Goswami has once again done what other journalists have failed to do. Zakir Naik, the hatemonger who inspired the Dhaka terror attack & has alleged links with Dawood and ISI, was openly termed as a terrorist by Arnab. Arnab was on the debate when he openly denounced Naik as a terrorist & preacher of hate.

Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) has already been banned by the central Government. Liberals did not have the courage to criticise Naik for his alleged involvement with the D Mafia. He even set up many shell companies to launder illegal wealth. Naik fled India after his involvement in terror related activities was exposed.

Naik is a terrorist who in the name of democracy spread hate against other religions and tried influencing Muslim youth against their own motherland. Naik’s sister, Nailah Noorani was also recently questioned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) officials. She was summoned by the ED in connection with the money laundering cases against Zakir Naik & his Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). Nailah was allegedly handling the foreign transactions. His brother Abdul Naik was also believed to be handling the financial transactions from Abroad.

Taslim Rehmani from the MPCI (Muslim Political Council of India) was a panellist on Arnab’s show. Mr Rehmani accused Arnab of being selective after Arnab called Naik a terrorist. Sir you wouldn’t call him a patriot for what he has done. Arnab made it clear that he was only stating the facts. Arnab called Naik a terrorist & traitor for inciting hate and preaching terror. Even the Bangladesh Government has banned Naik & his literature declaring him as the chief conspirator in the 2016 Dhaka attacks.


Alok Shetty