Watch! Arnab speaks to Congress Spokesperson Brijesh Kalappa in the language he understands

The Congress party in India accuses anyone and everyone of being funded by the BJP, when credible & relevant questions are asked. Arnab Goswami’s new media venture Republic is doing a great job of exposing corrupt politicians.  The Congress party finds it easy to appear on channels where the journalists ask soft questions.

Brijesh Kalappa, a Congress spokesperson was hammered by Arnab recently. The corrupt political class, especially the Congress have often displayed their arrogance on live television. Kalappa accused Arnab of taking money from the BJP to start his new venture. Arnab who had already slammed SP Spokesperson Ghanshyam Tiwari for making the same allegations, was in no mood to let Kalappa escape after making the allegation.

Any journalist with integrity would never listen to such baseless allegations. Arnab slammed Brijesh Kalappa and asked him to consult a psychiatrist. Arnab clarified that their funding was in the public domain. Arnab also told Kalappa to speak with respect. Arnab reminded Kalappa that Republic, unlike other channels was not funded by the Congress, where they could make absurd allegations and get away with it.

This happened when one of the journalists from Republic questioned Brijesh Kalappa. Kalappa lost patience and to hide his embarrassment, attacked the journalist . But Kalappa was sent packing when Arnab took over. Arnab decided to step in after Kalappa crossed the line with the republic journalist.


Alok Shetty