Watch! Arundati Roy tries to “brainwash” the International Interviewer who has a very good opinion about India

Before waging a war against the external enemies, we need to cleanse the system from the internal threats that defame & malign the image of the nation. There are soldiers in India that kill & die for the nation.Their entire life is a sacrifice. The Nation always comes first to them.But, India also shelters traitors that spew venom against the nation. There is a certain section of the media that has an ‘agenda’, there are authors with pseudo-liberal mindsets & there are outright traitors.

People have accused of targeting Arundati Roy. We have only given out the facts. The fact that she is a traitor. The fact, that she cannot except a positive image of India & the fact that she is against any leader who works in the interests of the nation. One hit wonder Arundati Roy is no ordinary citizen. She is a hate-monger that wants India to be disregarded all over the World.

Her comments against the Indian Army raised many questions about her integrity. During the UPA regime, may be these intellectuals were encouraged to such an extent that no one questioned them. But, this is PM Modi’s ‘New India’. The citizens here are free to question anyone and everyone who speak against the nation.

We found a video on Twitter where Arundati Roy was trying to influence an international interviewer to change his perception about India. The interviewer had good things to say about the nation, but Arundati is ready to listen to great things only when it is ‘her nation’. We know her nation, right.


Alok Shetty