Watch! Arvind Kejriwal lied about supporting ‘Surgical Strike’, reveals Kumar Vishwas!

Two years back, when India conducted their first cross border surgical strike on Pakistan’s army, the entire country lauded the decision and expressed happiness for teaching Pakistan a lesson. But there were two brothers who were more disappointed and worried than Pakistan itself.

Yes, it was none other than Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal. These brothers of the pseudo secular gang had openly opposed Surgical strikes posing doubts on the Indian Army. While Rahul Gandhi had said it was political stunt and called Modi Khoon Hi Dhalali (Merchant of Blood) for killing Pakistani terrorists, Arvind Kejriwal had questioned army and demanded proof for their claim.

Their stance on surgical strike was no different from Pakistan which also had demanded video proof for the surgical strikes. The entire country had slammed Congress and AAP for backing Pakistan and demeaning the Indian army. Many political analysts had then stated that Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi would go to any extent to dethrone Modi and their support to Pakistan is a deliberate act to attack the PM.

Now, as a proof to the claims, Kumar Vishwas, the prominent member of AAP has spilled the beans on Arvind Kejriwal’s secret political game after surgical strike. Kumar Vishwas who was critical about his party’s policies was denied Rajya Sabha ticket which made him go against his party leadership for selling tickets for money.

Vishwas who gave interview in Aap Ki Adalat on Indian TV, revealed how Arvind Kejriwal wanted to use surgical strike issue and malign Modi. He said after the surgical strikes, Kejriwal had asked Vishwas to make a video opposing Modi’s decision on surgical strike. But Vishwas said he had denied to make the video as it may favour Pakistan and might be picked up by Pakistani newspapers. He had also said opposing surgical strike will demoralize Indian forces and it may also hurt the sentiments of the soldier’s family.

But it is said that Kejriwal had then said, ” Army stance not important, Everything was okay, as long as you defeat Modi, Everyone will forget our statement after Modi is gone”


Vishwas also made scathing attack saying Kejriwal is a very self obsessed man and compared himself with Nehru and often asked Vishwas to write poems on him just like how Ramdhari Singh Dinkar wrote on Nehru, Rajendra Prasad and many politicians. Kejriwal had once questioned Vishwas “How come you are a poet friend when you can’t write poems for me?”

He also said that Kejriwal likes to be surrounded by YES MAN and hates anyone who criticizes him. He said its become extremely difficult to survive in the party if you questioned Kejriwal and he was denied party ticket because he opposed to be a sycophant. The poet turned politician said that Aam Aadmi Party is not a party of two or three people, it is the party of millions of people who are waiting outside

It is a shame that Kejriwal completely lied about supporting surgical strike and his real intention was to corner PM Modi for political benefits. He never cared for Army’s effort or Uri martyr’s death but went ahead to support Pakistan just for political reason. But what is questionable is, why was Kumar Vishwas silent all these days? So, it is important for him to clear his stand on this issue.

Aishwarya S