Watch! When asked who should be credited for India’s big win, see what India’s top most lawyer Harish Salve had to say

India’s top most lawyer Harish Salve made the headlines after the ICJ stayed the execution of Kulbhushan Jadhav. This was a big diplomatic win for India. Pakistan on the other hand was left embarrassed. But, embarrassed is a term which can only be used for people with a certain sense of shame. Like we all know, they don’t have any.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi credited Harish Salve & External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj after the ICJ stayed Jadhav’s execution. This was seen as a big setback to Pakistan which had made its evil intentions clear by giving a death sentence to Jadhav.

A Pakistani Military court had given Jadhav a death sentence, claiming that he was an Indian R&Aw agent. They even went on to call him a terrorist. A lot was at stake for India at the world court as the Narendra Modi Government did not want Jadhav to lose his life.

Earlier External Affairs Minister tweeted that Harish salve had only charged a one rupee token fee. Mr Salve is being appreciated for his incredible gesture. BJP Leader & Rajya Sabha Member Subramanian Swamy credited PM Modi on twitter. Most importantly, this was a win for India. The ICJ ordered Pakistan to stay the execution until the final judgement was made.

Arnab Goswami congratulated lawyer Harish Salve. When asked who should be credited for India’s win, Mr Salve said that the Indian Government deserves credit.


Alok Shetty


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