Watch!!! Barack Obama trolls and insults NDTV Journalist Nidhi Razdan in front of huge crowd

Ohh you are a journalist? You don't get a chance to ask a question.

NDTV, the news channel known for peddling lies, fake news and twisted facts has moved one step further. It seems like NDTV was tired of getting bashed by patriotic Indians so it has decided to get bashed and trolled by former President of United States of America.

Yes, the video in which Barack Obama is seen trolling NDTV journalist is getting viral in India. It was not just a troll but Obama insulted Nidhi Razdan like anything. What was even more hilarious is that when Mr Obama was trolling and puncturing Nidhi Razdan, the crowds that had gathered in hundreds were literally enjoying it.

Watch the trolling of NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan by former US president Barack Obama!!!

Nidhi Razdan literally begs with Mr Obama, but he trolls her!!! Ohh you are a journalist? 

“I am Nidhi Razdan and I work with NDTV. I have covered your meeting with Mr Manmohan Singh as a reporter. So it’s nice to be here to listen”, while Nidhi was saying this, Mr Obama interrupted her.

Barack Obama immediately said that “Ohh you are a journalist? You don’t get a chance to ask a question. No no no no no. Sit down”.

Later he sarcastically said that “You seem like a wonderful journalist and you seem very professional”. He further added that the goal is to interact with young people and asked Nidhi Razdan to just report this event and do nothing else. The crowd went crazy and enjoyed the way Mr Barack Obama trolled NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan.

No one respected NDTV journalists?

“As usual @Nidhi she is the boss & demanded that @BarackObama listen to her question, thinking it’s @ndtv program. Amused to see her cut a sorry figure when she was shown the place. A nice slap. A reality check for any1 carrying the tag ‘Indian journo’ & from ‘NDTV’!”, this was how a twitterati reacted.

This was not the first time when Nidhi Razdan was insulted by a foreigner. When she tried to prove that PM Modi was responsible for Godhra riots, a foreigner on her show said that even the Supreme Court has given Mr Modi a clean chit. This was like a tight slap and soon she wrapped up the show as she was unable to counter him with facts

While a Twitterati said that this was the second best after the trolling of Barkha Dutt, who was also from NDTV.

Don’t show your hypocrisy, says another Twitterati

“Nidhirazdan good to see your hypocrisy and dishonesty and your trick of bulling did not work with Obama .You were shown your place. Do honest journalism than making news for money. You guys are more dangerous for the country than politicians”.

Why are NDTV journalists ignored, not just in the India?

“When one says that he or she works at NDTV… BOOM! They don’t even let you ask questions… That’s respect NDTV has earned all these years”.

Do you know how Nidhi Razdan tried to attack Mr Obama, after getting trolled?

“I wanted to ask @BarackObama a question at his Townhall today where I was invited by the @ObamaFoundation as a guest, not as a reporter. He told me I can’t ask a question because I’m a journalist. Disagree with that basic premise, especially since I was invited by the Foundation”. This is how she tweeted against Mr Obama.

Hansika Raj