Watch! BJP’s Shazia Ilmi calls Arvind Kejriwal, “Drama queen”

With the MCD elections not going the AAP way, it was expected that the ‘bahana’ party of india would come up with many more silly excuses. Kejriwal has taken responsibility for only one thing in life. Trolling PM Modi! Apart from this, he hasn’t taken responsibility for any defeat.

The MCD elections were also Kejriwal’s last hope. He tried different strategies. He started by blaming the EVMs, threatened the people of Delhi indirectly to vote for him & concluded by questioning the EVMs again.

People across the nation have no faith left in the AAP. The Punjab loss was something that Kejriwal probably didn’t expect. (He actually believes that he can fool all the people all the time). The MCD elections are a testimony to the fact that Kejriwal’s conclusion may soon happen after Bahubali’s conclusion.

The people in Delhi were completely annoyed with Kejriwal & team for betraying their trust. He had been given a mandate, which was unheard of. Winning 67 of the 70 assembly seats was something even Kejriwal wouldn’t have expected. If the voting percentage is not taken into consideration, and only the candidate/victory ratio is taken into consideration, the people of Delhi might end up cursing themselves.

BJP spokesperson Shazia Ilmi, when asked about Kejriwal’s never ending excuses, responded by calling him a ‘Drama queen.’


Kejrwal or kejribeth is actually a drama queen. Remember the London promise? But one thing is assured, even if Kejriwal is thrown out of Delhi after 3 years or whenever the auspicious time takes place, he will at least be Khasi-mukt.

I congratulate Kejriwal for finally congratulating the BJP. I hope he lives up to his reputation & the people of Delhi get freedom ASAP…

Tony Joseph