Check Rahul Gandhi’s knowledge on who is the current President of United States!

Rahul Gandhi has unbelievable sense of humor. His brain seems to have endless collection of ideas which can entertain us frequently. Every time Rahul Gandhi makes any speech, people wait in anticipation for his big statements. No other person in Congress is as good as Rahul in entertainment.

Today was another great day for Rahul Gandhi fans, he never disappoints them! Rahul Gandhi was addressing a campaign rally in Ghaziabad, UP when he started praising Uttar Pradesh and said he wants to give employment to the youth. He said he wants to see a day when Obama buys a Bedsheet from Uttar Pradesh which says “Made in Uttar Pradesh”!

This man still thinks Obama is the president of US and wants him to come and buy Bedsheet from Uttar Pradesh! More over the Congress Vice President doesn’t even have the slightest common sense that if any product of India is sold or exported abroad, it will be projected as “Made in India” and not after every state or city it is manufactured in!

Either Rahul Gandhi is so dumb not to have the least common sense or he just did not wanted to use the line “Make in India” since it was PM Modi who marketed it. Modi has been stressing on “Make in India” which was mocked by Rahul Gandhi himself sometime back calling it a failure. He should feel ashamed for mocking an ambitious project which will benefit the country.

Rahul Gandhi who has no idea can’t even deliver any speech of his own and tries to steal and manipulate the speeches of others. He is causing harm not to BJP but to his own party by exposing himself and his genius attitude every time he opens his mouth. Its good that people of the country now understand what qualification he has and what is the level of his intelligence. The only reason he is still in politics leading his life with tax payers money is because his name is tagged with GANDHI!

Aishwarya S


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