Watch! Congress caught leading ‘Modi Hatao’ campaign in Pakistan, removes ads after getting exposed!

It is official now that Congress is garnering support from terror country Pakistan to fight their political battle against PM Modi. The Congress which has always supported Pakistan over India has once again proved that they can go against the country to occupy power and post.It is well known how Rahul Gandhi and all his partmen openly backed Pakistan and ridiculed the Indian Army after the surgical strikes were conducted.

Pakistan has many times backed Congress and its leaders saying they will lend all support to remove Modi and make Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister of India. Now, the Congress has been caught red handed putting ads in Pakistan seeking support to remove Modi.

The entire video proof was posted by Amit Malviya, which clearly showed that Congress from its official handle was campaigning in Pakistan against Modi.

Watch this!

But just after this video went viral, the Congress removed all its ads and campaigns in Pakistan and disabled the option of Page Info.

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This is the real face of Congress which is taking Pakistan’s help to remove Modi. They are tying hands with terrorists and anti National elements who are planning to destroy the country by their terror activities.

This is exactly why Rahul Gandhi supported people like Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid who chanted Azadi slogans. This is why Rahul Gandhi  ridiculed the Indian Army and supported Pakistan many times. This is why Congress never spoke a word against the Burhan Wani when he was killed in encounter. This is why they even today support terrorists like Ishrat Jahan, Shorabuddin and protected Ajmal Kasab providing him all facilities.

The roots of Sonia and Raul Gandhi will never allow them to work for India but will working to those people who want the destruction of India.

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