Watch! This is how Congress has fooled the Nation for 60 years!

Pooja Bhatia

We all know that during the Congress rule in our country, India has been looted. There have been allegations of corruption, scandals, and public money loot, during the past political seasons. This remains the prime reason for Congress downfall, after electorally ruling us for a long time. Different levels of people were part of the various scams; that tainted the party’s reputation beyond repair. Even our honourable PM Dr. Manmohan Sigh, and Shrimati Sonia Gandhi along with her son-in-law Robert Vadra, is alleged to have indulged in corruption.

It is only natural for us to expect other party members, to learn from their top leaders. A recent video is testimony to this fact.

In this video, you will notice how fellow members of the Congress leader (Amarpal Sharma) have fooled the common man. They are noted as pulling the party scarf, from Amarpal’s neck during a conference. They are again noticed, putting the same set of scarf’s to honor Amarpal later. All this happens apparently at the same event.

This video gives us a sneak-peek, on a possible election campaign finance forgery by the Congress party. It is hard for us to believe that they do not have enough money for campaigning, and have to resort to such cheap tactics.

Amarpal Sharma is a Congress party leader contesting for the much awaited UP election. He is a party candidate from Sahibabad. This stage event was held recently to welcome Amarpal to Congress partly, after he was expelled from BSP. He was expelled for indulging in anti-party activities, and for his anti-disciplinary behavior.

“Amarpal Sharma, the MLA from Sahibabad seat, has been expelled from BSP for indiscipline and anti-party activities,” a party release issued on the behalf of Ghaziabad district unit president Premchand Bhartiya said.

“Sharma was not giving enough time to the constituency due to which there was anger and frustration among party cadres. Besides, he was not taking interest in party activities like public meetings and cadre camps,” the release said.

He was mostly spending time in Delhi for his personal works, it added.

We wonder who will be responsible for able-supervision in future now; since Congress has yet another tainted minister on records this time.



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