Watch!!! Congress MLA assaults woman constable but gets slapped back twice, faces huge embarrassment

Whenever an assaulter manhandles a person, he/she should be retaliated back in a more powerful way. This is what happened with Congress MLA Asha Kumari, who tried to assault a woman constable. What happened today was a powerful slap on the dynasts who think that anything can be done with public servants.

Never dare to slap a woman in Khakhi!!!!

The women who dared to attack the woman constable was Asha Kumari. She is the Punjab in-charge of the AICC and had also won the Himachal Assembly elections from her home seat Dalhousie. Newly elected Congress party president Rahul Gandhi is on his Himachal Pradesh visit to allegedly review what went wrong in the Himachal Pradesh election where his party had faced a disastrous defeat.

When Rahul Gandhi was at Shimla, the police officials stopped Asha Kumari from entering the review meeting chaired by Congress President Rahul Gandhi. This was enough to enrage the MLA Asha Kumari who attacked the policewoman immediately. But the constable acted bravely and gave a befitting response to the MLA who misused her power. Asha Kumari slapped the constable twice but received the same treatment in equal force from the personnel in return.

WATCH!!! Congress MLA Asha Kumari assaults woman constable and gets slapped back!

“Congress MLA Asha Kumari should have known assaulting government servant on duty punishable offence. Well done constable for hitting back the arrogant leader. Hope leaders learn virtues of modesty & humility. We live in democracy in which all are equal & leaders aren’t above law”. Similar kind of messages flooded on the internet, where the act of MLA Asha was condemned and the response of constable was praised.

Yesterday, Congress tried to block the historic Triple Talaq bill and today it assaulted a  female. Is this the Congress style of women empowerment? Why does Rahul Gandhi endorse such cheap politics?

Congress MLA Asha Kumari

Will Rahul Gandhi expel this lady from the party?

Rahul Gandhi’s Congress has always disappointed the women when it came to protecting their rights. “Congress MLA Asha Kumari has slapped the woman constable in Himachal Pradesh, and I urge the party to expel him immediately.# CM Himachal Pradesh”.

The twitter flooded with congratulatory messages to the female cop who broke the ego of Congress MLA Asha Kumari.

“Loved the Way The Lady Constable Gave BACK one Tight Slap to “Congress MLA Asha Kumari”, a Twitterati said.

Typical Congress mindset was bashed by yet another activist, Sonam Mahajan!

She said, “Congress MLA, Asha Kumari, slaps a woman constable on duty, gets slapped back. Typical Congress mindset”.

As this is an offense under IPC, Asha Kumari must be jailed!

This is how a female journalist condemned the heinous act done by Congress MLA. “Congress MLA Asha Kumari assaults woman constable, gets slapped back. She was being allegedly denied entry by Police in Rahul Gandhi’s review meeting. This is an offense under IPC.This lady should be Jailed”.

If this is a condition when camera is on, then what would have been done by this MLA in closed rooms?

Hansika Raj