Watch!!! Congress scores a massive self goal, Here’s how the BJP ripped apart Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

The Congress party is seriously petrified after the Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath paid several visits to the poll-bound Karnataka state. Yogi Adityanath in his speeches ripped apart the CM Siddaramaiah led Congress for its governance.

“If this continues then the situation will be out of control”, this is how the Congress party felt and decided to hit back at Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath. But the tactic adopted by the Congress party was really condemnable. It uploaded a video on Twitter with the title “Here’s a recipe for a BJP star campaigner. We don’t recommend it”.

In the video, the Congress said that Yogi is not just a criminal but also triggers communal violence. It even insulted the saffron attire worn by the Yogi Adityanath.

But as usual, this proved to be a massive self-goal as the BJP hit back with a video which became viral instantly.

How Uttar Pradesh BJP ripped apart CM Siddamaraiah government?

  • Hindus are killed in broad daylight in Karnataka.
  • The backbone of the nation –farmers– are ignored by the CM Siddamaraiah government. 1002 farmers in Karnataka committed suicide in this fiscal year.
  • Several complaints are filed against CM Siddamaraiah and his 27 ministers on corruption charges.
  • The Congress is trying to adopt soft Hindutva as the elections are approaching nearer. This was evident when CM Siddamaraiah  “My name is Sidda Rama. I am also a Hindu and BJP workers are not the only Hindus”. But at another end, Hindus are butchered in broad daylight.
  • After spreading hatred among various sections of religion, now, Rahul Gandhi is ringing the temple bells and even robbed the saffron cloth found in the temples.

This is how BJP mocked at the Congress for abusing the Fire brand Hindu leader and Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath. Even Rahul Gandhi was also bashed in the video saying that he his men didn’t develop the Karnataka state in the oast few years other than triggering clashes between the people.

Even the responsible citizens of India ripped apart the Congress part with their apt replies!

  • Below is a banner that shows the list of scams done by the Congress government since Independence. Please note that calculator is not enough to calculate the amount.


  • Congress lied that BJP is spreading venom in the society. But here is a list of riots which was triggered by Rahul Gandhi’s men!

In fact, Congress helped to unite the nationalists!

The picture shows how Aurangzeb had burn alive Bhai Sathidas. Now, Congress is burning Yogi Adityanath just because he fought for the rights of the Hindus and always upheld national interests.

When Yogi Adityanath works as if he has tied wheels to his feet, look what the Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah does in the meetings? Have the Kannadigas voted for a man to sleep in the meetings or work on their behalf?

Perhaps, Congress hasn’t heard of this news yet!

While Congress is busy insulting Hindus, the Enforcement Directorate is conducting raids on Karti Chidambaram at his Delhi and Chennai premises in connection with the case of Aircel-Maxis. Will the Congress come out clean and cry saying this is a vendetta politics.

Hansika Raj